Jan 9, 2012

Devoted, Elixir, #2.

Hilary Duff
Publisher:Simon & Schuster.
Publication Date:October 11, 2011
Genre:YA Paranormal Romance.

In Hilary Duff’s second novel, “Devoted”, Sage has been kidnapped and Clea is devastated, not knowing if he’s actually dead or alive. Clea feels as part of her is dead too, without Sage. Clea can’t even turn to her friend, Ben for support because anytime she even looks at him, she sees betrayal. Knowing that he’s the reason that Sage got captured to begin with. However, after suffering through dreams of seeing Sage with another woman, Lila, she knows that there is no more time for waiting. That’s when she comes for help, to Ben, to rescue Sage. Causing her to pair up with Sage enemies.

I loved Devoted; I thought the second novel was better than the first book. Even thought I love Sage & Clea’s relationship in Elixir, this book had much more action then the first one, in my opinion. The book did start out bit slow but once Amelia and her family showed up, it started picking up. I did wonder about Amelia’s family from very beginning, who they were and how they appeared and disappeared like that. I loved how Duff wrote the book from Clea’s point of view and Amelia’s. I loved Amelia from very beginning, her family not so much; mostly because they wanted tear Clea & Sage apart. I especially disliked Petra. I was hoping that they would lose, at the end.

I was not happy when Sage got stabbed towards the end though. However, I did not see the ending coming. Now I can’t wait to see what happens in next book, which I hope that she writes soon. This was the book that captured me almost from the beginning. I have see what happens next with Ben, Sage, and Clea. I’m also wondering if there be more mention of Clea’s father in next novel, if she will ever find out what happens to him. Otherwise this novel is worth reading it, Duff has a talent


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