Jan 15, 2012

Last Breath, Morganville Vampires, #11

Last Breath.
Rachel Caine

Publisher:NAL Hardcover.
Publication Date: November 1, 2011.
Genre: YA Fantasy|Romance|Horror.
Series:Morganville Vampires, #11.


Last Breath, The Eleventh book in Morganville Vampires series, was amazing and favorite one out of all Morganville books so far.

Eve & Michael announced their plans to get married but most of Morganville, expect their friends are not happy about their arrangement. Everyone thinks, especially Vampires that human & vampires shouldn’t be married and try to put a stop to it. Meanwhile, Vampires start vanishing without a trace and everything around Morganville seems to be getting dangerous once again.

Then, Claire starts seeing a man who she thinks is a newcomer, expect nobody else seems to be seeing him but her. While that is going on, Amelie receives a message that causes her to come to decision, for all Vampires to leave Morganville, that it’s no longer safe. Claire and her friends know that there is something not right about that, there is something else going on that they aren’t telling them. So Claire and her friends, investigate, realizing how dangerous Morganville had become, that even sent Vampires running

.Last Breath is a book that everyone that into paranormal should read. This has been my favorite one, out of the entire series; it has so much more action. The moment that I picked the book up, I didn’t want put it down, if it wasn’t for school, homework, I wouldn’t. In this book you don’t only get point of view from Claire but Amelie, Shane, Eve & Michael even though it wasn’t much as Claire’s. I always liked Amelie and it was really interesting to read about what she was thinking, it showed more of her personality. I could tell that she cared about Oliver, maybe not as much as she cared for Sam but I could see he was important to her.

There was also a lot more emotional parts in this books, especially where Claire was ‘Killed’, I didn’t see that coming. I was curious why she was only one seeing that man but I did not imagine that he would actually kill her. That was sad, Poor Eve, Poor Shane. I almost cried when he sat in her room with the gun because Shane is one of my favorites. I actually thought he was going do it, but hoped that somehow Claire would be able to reach him, to stop him. I was so glad that she did. I loved the scenes between two of them, even though they were pretty sad. I was hoping that they figure out to bring her back soon, so they could be together.

This Book had much more action but it also was the most emotional and surprising book out of entire series. Half stuff I read in book, I did not see coming. Not about Claire, Shane. I love the end scene between Shane & Claire, I thought my favorite was in Bite Club I was wrong, this one was my favorite. I was wondering when Shane come to his senses and ask her. I did think the very end seemed but unfinished to me, but it made me want me for next book to come even faster, to see what happens next. Will Michael & Eve get married? What will happen with Morganville? I can’t wait till Black Dawn comes out. This was an amazing read. Rachel Caine has an amazing talent.


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