Jan 15, 2012

HereAfter,Hereafter, #1

Tara Hudson.
Publisher:Harper Collins.
Publication Date:June 7, 2011.
Genre:YA Paranormal Romance|Mystery.


Tara Hudson’s debut novel, Hereafter was amazing, from the beginning to the end. It was filled with so much passion, mystery plus had a forbidden romance. This book was one of the best ghost stories out there and I read quite few. It captured me from the first chapter till the end. I actually didn’t want the book to end once I reached the end; I wanted to keep on reading it.

Amelia is a ghost who only knows bits pieces of how she died, she knows she drowned and she knows she jumped but doesn’t know how, she knows her age at death but not her birthdates or her last name. Amelia spends most of her time wandering around High Bridge and Cemetery where she ends up after reliving nightmares of her drowning. Everything changes when she saves a boy, Joshua from drowning.

It turns out that Joshua is the only one who can see her, and from the very first moment, there is attraction between the two of them, the attraction that can get complicated. Then she meets Eli, another ghost asks for her help but she refuses Joshua and Amelia start investigating, start trying to bring her memory back. The more they investigate the closer they becoming. Realizing how complicated their relationship can be especially when Amelia disappears after kissing Joshua. The two of them also try figure out how to get rid of Eli, who won’t leave them alone, at least not till he gets what he wants, Amelia

I absolutely loved everything about this book. I loved Tara’s writing style, the characters, and the storyline. Writing from Amelia’s point of view fit the story. Reading it, I could actually imagine, feel the feelings that she was feeling, how alone she must felt in beginning, frighten. I was happy when she found Joshua. I knew from the moment she went to save him, that there was something between them. I loved the fact that she was ghost and he was human, yet they could still touch. I loved the feeling both of them felt whenever they touched one another, it was unusual. I loved their relationship though.

I can’t wait till Hudson’s next novel in series comes out. I want see what happens with Joshua & Amelia next. I also want see if Ruth will warm up to Amelia, I am kind of hoping she would. If you are into ghosts, paranormal, mystery, this is a must read for you. You won’t regret it. I see myself reading this book couple times.


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