Jan 15, 2012

Between Here And Forever.

Between Here And Forever.
Elizabeth Scott
Publisher:Simon Pulse.
Publication Date:May 24,2011


Between Here and Forever was a first novel that I read by Elizabeth Scott and I was impressed. I can see myself reading more of her books. It was a sad book, especially in beginning but it was also type of book that captured myself from the moment I read the first page.

Between Here and Forever tells story about Abby and her relationship with her sister Tess, who’s in coma after getting into accident on New Year. Abby, being tired of being in her sister’s shadow, tries to get Tess to wake up but not because she misses her, but because she wants to get on with her life. That’s when she meets Eli and she sure that she sees Tess’s eyes move when he talks, and she forms a plan which Involves Eli. It involves Eli talking to Tess, to get her to wake up.

However, the more time her and Eli spend with Tess, the more Abby starts to realize her feelings for him. Abby pushes those feelings away, mostly because she’s afraid that what happened with Jack will also happen with Eli. Abby also has hard time accepting that Eli can actually be interested in her, since guys always go for Tess. Then Abby discovers something about Tess, her & Claire and the reason the two stopped talking which makes Abby realize that Tess was just like her, makes her see in completely different light.

I felt sorry for Abby from very beginning, I also thought that she should give herself more credit, see that she is as beautiful as Tess was. I was happy when she finally came across Eli, from very beginning I was hoping that something would happen between the two of them. I kind of had the feeling from very beginning that Eli was more interested in Abby and not Tess, the way he talked her, listened to her. That why I wasn’t happy with Abby when Eli kissed her and she said “I don’t know what to do” I was as frustrated with her as Claire was.

Now, the stuff with Claire & Tess, I did not see coming. I had feeling with Beth from moment she came to visit, but I had no idea about Claire. It made me both angry and at same time feel sorry for Tess, and Claire. But it made sense the real reason that Claire visited her so much. At first I thought was because she missed her since their friendship fell apart when Claire got pregnant. I just wish that Tess would admit her feelings for Claire, came out and maybe the outcome could be different. What was most surprising for me was that her parents knew all this time, I did not see that coming.

I thought that Abby was comparing herself to Tess too much, that she seemed to judge her little bit too much, when in truth that she actually didn’t know her sister that much. I was glad to see that she really does love her sister. In general, this book was sad and I was hoping for Tess to wake up before she got moved to home. I was glad for happy ending for Abby & Eli though, glad that Abby finally came to her senses, faced her fears. Even though this can be an emotional book, it still book worth reading.


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