Jan 18, 2012

Nightshade,Nightshade, #1.

Andrea Cremer
Publication Date: October 19, 2010
Genre:YA Paranormal Fantasy|Romance.


I have wanted to read this book for a while. I have heard about this book from few people and friends and most of them had good reviews about the book. Finally, I managed to get the book from the library, I wasn’t disappointed. I have read few werewolf books before reading Nightshade and I got say that this book was one of my favorites. It was one of books I didn’t want put down till I was finished.
Calla, an 18 year old Alpha Female of her pack (Leader) who is paired up with Alpha Male, Ren. The Union that will take place on October 31 will create a new clan. However, they are rules that must be followed before the union even takes place, rules that all pack must follow. It all changes for Calla when she saves a human, Shay when he gets attacked while hiking, even though she knows that there would be consequences for her if Keepers finds out. Calla finds herself in even more trouble when she finds herself constantly thinking about him.

Then Shay ends up in her school, causing her to even grow more worried. However when Keepers tell her to watch out for him, she finds herself spending more time with Shay and more time she spends with him, the stronger her feelings grow, the feelings that she knows she shouldn’t be having. Tension grows between the two of them and soon she finds herself breaking laws, just to spend time with Shay. Calla knows that she belongs to Ren yet she seems unable to help her attraction towards Shay.

 I’m giving it 4 stars because I thought that there were some parts in the book that were kind of slow. Otherwise I thought that it was pretty good book. I loved the tension between Calla & Shay, I could tell that when he kissed her, that she wanted him to kiss her again but resisted because of Ren. To be honest, I wasn’t really fond of Calla, I just thought that what she was doing with Shay, spending all this time with Shay, wasn’t fair to Ren, he clearly cared about her. Also because she kept talking about all those laws, complained that she couldn’t do that yet she ended up breaking half of them with Shay.

I loved the scenes between Ren & Calla, well most of them, there was some scenes that I thought that Ren was being kind of an ass. In beginning, I wasn’t actually sure if he actually cared about Calla or if he just wanted to sleep with her. But as book progressed, I could tell that he really cared about her. But some of scenes, especially the scenes where they were kissing, were hot and I could tell that it affected Calla to. I’m pretty sure that Calla cared for Ren, maybe she just didn’t want to admit that she did. The last scene between them in novel, almost made me cry. Poor Ren. I do hope she comes back for him. Even thought I like Shay, I kind of like Ren bit more.

I also loved the relationship between Calla and her brother. Most of other books I read, the siblings are usually at each other throats, it was nice to read a book where siblings actually get along. I hated Ren’s father, I seriously wanted to punch him like Calla did when he kept on touching her mother. I kind of wish either Calla or Ren would done something, just to see what happens. Love triangle, now that is something I always loved in books, it always made the story more interesting.

I loved the ending, so sweet. In way, I’m hoping Ren comes to Calla’s rescue. I would recommend this book to everyone but especially if you into paranormal, werewolf’s. This book has a lot action, adventure and mystery so be sure to check it out. I can’t wait to read rest of the books. I want see what happens with Calla, and want see how her actions will impact the pack. I’m also very curious who she will choose, because I’m pretty sure she cares about both of them.


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