Jan 4, 2012


Author:Hilary Duff.
Publisher:Simon & Schuster.
Publication Date:October 12, 2010.
Genre:YA Paranormal Romance.

This is the second time that I have read "Elixir". It tells a story of 17 year old girl, Clea whose father vanishes. Clea, along with her best friend Rayna go to Europe for a trip before school starts and Clea, a photojournalism takes pictures on their trip in Europe. Once she gets home, she realizes that there is some guy(Sage) in very back in pretty much all of her pictures. At first she freaks out and then she starts dreaming about him, unable to take her mind off him. A trip in Rio, she runs into him and finds out that he knew her father. She, her friend Ben and Sage go in search of Elixir Of Life, or so Clea believes. Through the journey, her feelings for Sage becomes stronger, the feelings she tries to ignore, even if she already aware that Sage is a guy for her.

I had loved Hilary Duff from moment i saw her in Lizzie McGuire, i even been to one of her concerts. So, when i saw this book and saw that she wrote it, i wanted to check it out. I'm glad that i did, i loved everything about it. I loved Clea from very beginning; i loved all the names actually. In beginning however, i wondered if Clea would somehow end up with Ben. Especially when there were in Rio. It made me wonder if she didn't see Sage, would she go for Ben. I was sad to see their relationship ruined towards the end of book. It did make me wonder if they put their differences aside, in order to rescue Sage.

Of Course I loved the relationship between Sage & Clea from very beginning, from the moment that she started dreaming about him. I had a feeling that the moment she dreamed all her past life’s together, she had already fallen in love with him. When i first read the book, it did keep me wondering when they would meet, and if Sage would recognize her. I loved seeing all those past lives that Clea had thought. The book had a lot of mystery added to, especially with her father's disappearance.

The ending keep me wondering, what's going to happen next, with Clea, Ben, Sage. If they will be able figure out where Sage was taken and would they be able to save him. I can't wait to read the next book in series.


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