Oct 14, 2014

The Six Rules Of Maybe.

The Six rules of maybe

Deb caletti.

Publisher:  Simon Pulse
Publication Date:March 16,2010
Genre:YA Contemporary Romance
Source: Goodreads|Library. 

Scarlett Hughes is overly involved in the lives of everyone around her, and exceptionally interested in the habits of her neighbors. But Scarlett is thrust solidly into her own life when her sister, Juliet, returns home from school—pregnant and surprisingly married to a sweet, handsome man whom she seems to have no interest in, but who is hopelessly in love with her. 

to take a look inward for the first time, Scarlett discovers the necessity of dreams, as well as the necessity of facing reality and speaking the truth 


Deb Caletti did it again; she found a way to engage me in story again, to fall in love with characters. Caletti seems to create a characters that you can’t help but love, even if they not at first. In end you will love them. The Six Rules Of Maybe wasn’t any different. The characters that she created felt so real, and within only first few pages of the story, they were real. It felt like I got to know them, got to go through everything they went through, well in this case Scarlet went through. How can you not love the characters like those? The emotions of the characters were so well written, it was easy to imagine what they were feeling, even if I haven’t gone through it. I could see it. The Six Rules Of Maybe was very descriptive but that fit the story well. I could picture it better, imagine what was going on. It’s one of things that pulled me into a story. 

You can’t help but love Scarlet. How can you not love her? Though she gets involved in other people’s business but that’s because she cares, she wants to help them. There are not many people like that out there. She tried help her sister, despite how she felt for Hayden, her neighbor which she did in the end. Scarlet did something that made someone else smile a depressed person too. How is someone like Scarlet not be lovable? She became one of my favorites from the start. In a way she reminded me of myself, I might not got involved in other people’s business like she did but I do try help people when needed. I care about others, about their happiness way that Scarlet does. I could relate to her. 

Juliet, I wasn’t sure how to feel about her at first. She seemed so withdrawn at first. I actually wondered if she even cared about Hayden. It seemed like she didn’t seem to appreciate him, to appreciate everything that he has done for her. It made me angry that she kept trying to go to Buddy. He wasn’t the one that loved her. Then I realized that she just didn’t think about how much Hayden meant to her, not till he left. Way that she acted afterward, gave me a hint that she loved him. Him and the child, it just took her a bit to realize it and I am glad that she did. I loved the notes that Hayden left for her, it had made me smile every time. 

Loved friendship between Hayden and Scarlet, I thought it would get awkward between them after the kiss. So I was glad when it did get back to normal. They had an unique friendship. The Six Rules Of Maybe was heartbreaking but also breathtaking, it’s a story that you can actually see happening in real world. That’s what I love about Caletti’s books, each story seems so real to me. The story pulls you in, makes you wonder what’s going happen next. The Six Rules Of Maybe is a type of story that is worth every page.


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