Oct 1, 2014

Finding Julian( The Finding Triology,#1)

Finding julian.
Finding Triology,#1,
Shane Morgan.

Publisher: TSW Books
Publication Date:December 30,2013
Genre:NA Mystery|Romance
Format|Pages:EBook| 286
Source: Goodreads|Owned.

For years, Julian kept her emotional struggle a secret from her mother. Now at twenty-one, she's still unsure whether she should once and for all learn about the family that didn't accept her, or continue living her life with the emptiness in her heart. 

Jules finally makes the decision to return to Narragansett, Rhode Island after 10 years, upon hearing the news of her father's death. It's supposed to be an ‘in and out’ trip—make peace with her heart, then return to Manhattan immediately. Only, she has no idea just what her deceased father has in store for her. 

Several obstacles continue to prolong her stay, and over time, Jules finds herself starting to trust the family that had denied her in the past.
But just as she discovers the other side that was missing, Julian gets entangled in a web of lies and unexpectedly finds romance amidst it all.

Death can bring you close to people you least expected, or pull you away from ones that you love. This story is about Loss, Grief, Trust and love. Finding Julian is filled with so much suspense, mystery and that’s a type of stories that I love. How can you not? From moment after her father’s funeral there was some sort suspense. The farther the book progress, the more mysterious it got. All through the book I kept wondering, who could it be? Who could kill Julian’s father and then the lawyer and most of all why? I could not pull myself from the book, it felt like I was trying to solve the mystery along with Julian. I needed to know what happened, I was curious to see if she would be able to solve it. Despite what happened, her father didn’t deserve to be killed. Of course the least suspected person ended up being killer, though I did suspect something off about Gavin, the way he was acting, it was suspicious, like he was up to something. 

Seven, first of all I love his name. From all the books that I have read before, I haven’t seen a name after a number, it’s unique. I loved him right from the start, thought sometimes I was frustrated by his actions like Julian was I am sure. At same time I understood why he acted way that he did, he had a lot on his plate. At first, I was suspicious about his intentions, especially once I found out that he was looking out for Julian because he promised her father. I had myself wondering if he even cared for her or if all of that was a chore. The more time they spent together; I could tell that he did start to care for her but seemed have hard time admitting it. I did wonder if there was a reason that he wouldn’t admit it. Was there something that he was afraid of? It seemed like most of characters knew about their feelings towards each other, expect for them. I questioned if they would finally admit it. I was glad when they did. 

I disliked her stepfamily from start; they treated her with nothing but disrespect. I knew that they were hurt but that doesn’t mean that they had right to treat her like trash. At least one of them developed a relationship with her, Mackenzie. I tried to dislike her because of how she treated her in beginning but I couldn’t. I was smiling when Mackenzie stood to her mother, for Julian and there were few sisters moments they had too. I have a feeling that they are going have a great relationship. It made me happy that she could at least form a relationship with her sister, just like their father wanted. 

Finding Julian is a 2nd book that I read by Shane Morgan and won’t be the last. The book had everything from suspense, mystery to romance. It had me on edge of my seat and so many emotions went through me while reading it. It did start out bit slow at beginning for me, but picked up after only few pages. Morgan is one amazing writer, the one I will read for years to come. A story worth every page.


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