May 4, 2012

Article 5, Article 5,#1.

Article 5.
Kristen Simmons.
Publisher:Tor Teen.
Publication Date:January 31,2012.
Genre:YA Dystopian,Romance.
Challenge:Debut Author.


I had always enjoyed Dystopian novels, but I began to get more into them ever since I read The Pledge & Shatter Me which I got for Christmas. Out of the Dystopian novels I read over the past few months, Article 5 was my favorite, I couldn’t put this book down, I actually had force to put this book down so I could finish my homework. Article 5 was different from other dystopian novels I read, which made it unique. Actually the title was what captured my attention to begin with, and once I saw the cover and read the description, I knew it be a novel I would enjoy. It was one of most intense novels I read, filled with drama, action. I found myself thinking about book when I wasn’t reading it, wondering what was going to happen next. I can’t wait for the next book in series.

  Article 5 takes place right after a major war has devastated the United States, which caused many cities to be evacuated. Now, new government has taken over and replaced the Bill Of Rights with strict Moral Statues that everyone must follow or be faced with death. Seventeen year old Ember Miller had been living quietly with her rebellious mother for past 3 years, till soldiers show up at her doorstep, arresting her mother for Breaking Article 5 Statue. What makes it even worse is that one of arresting officers is only guy she ever loved, Chase.

Ember tries to fight the officers, to get to her mother, only to get arrested and put into Reform School for Girls. Ember finds herself living under strict rules. All that Ember knows is that she has find way to escape, have find her mother and see if she is all right. That’s when Chase comes to her rescue, and two of them go on run, together.

  Ember was a great main character. Even though she broke down few times but with everything that she’s gone through, I would to. No matter what happened, she didn’t give up on finding her mother. Ember had a lot of courage, strength ever after watching her mother being taken away, getting beaten at the school, she kept on going, and that’s a strength that not everybody had, I know I wouldn’t. It made me admire her. I loved her right from beginning, right after I saw way she was fighting for her mother; she got herself in trouble, for her. I saw how much she changed through the book, through her journey with Chase. I loved fact how Ember still saw good in Chase even if he wasn’t the nicest person to her in the beginning. I found myself rooting for her, through the entire novel.

Chase, now that’s another character I loved. Even thought in beginning I wasn’t too fond of him, but that’s mostly because of the way he treated Ember. I mean, I understood why he did what he did but I felt like he wasn’t being fair to Ember. I did found their relationship interesting; due to fact that there was so much tension between two of them and that Author didn’t have them fall in love after first page. The fact that the two of them had a history, made even more entertaining and it did make me wonder why Chase was acting so harsh towards her. I did enjoy way they kept going back and forth, one minute kissing, the next fighting again; it made the story more interesting to read. Even though they had their moments, I knew they cared about one another. I had a feeling; from moment Chase came to rescue her.

  In conclusion, I was hooked from the end, to very end. Each chapter was always filled with some sort action, drama if it was Chase & Ember trying to escape, fights, and Romance. It had just the right ending, but it made me even more excited for the next novel, I’m not sure if I can wait a year to read, I need know what happens next with Chase & Ember, right now. Be sure to check this book out, it’s one of the best YA Dystopian novels of this year, you won’t regret it.


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