May 23, 2012

The Castaways.

The Castaways.
Elin Hilderbrand.
Publisher:Little Brown & Company.
Publication Date:July 7,2009.
Genre: Realthionships,Drama.
Format|Pages:E Book|359.


The Castaways was the first novel I read, by Elin Hilderbrand. I have wanted to read something by her, for few years now because I heard good reviews about the author. However I haven’t had a chance to read anything by her, till recently. I’m so glad that I did, it had me hooked from beginning right to the end. There was always something going on. I found myself rooting for some characters, while angry or frustrated with others. The Castaways was an emotional book to read because of subjects it deals with, death, and grief. Even though I found myself tearing up, more than once, I enjoyed everything about it. It was one of the books I’m glad I picked up.

The Castaways a story about six friends, who has deal with death of two of their best friends Tess & Greg MacAvoy who died, while sailing. However, there are some questions if it was an accident, or murder. Questions arise if there is someone to blame, for the accident. As each couple, each friend tries to comes with terms of their death, some secrets are revealed.

  What I found most interesting about this novel, was different point of view of each of Tess & Greg’s friends. I felt like I got to know each character bet, I got to see what each of them were feeling, what they were feeling about their friend’s death. Besides that, through reading the novel, I got to see how each of character changed through the book. The most change I saw was in Phoebe and Andrea. To me, it seemed like the reversed roles. While Phoebe became happier, more confident with herself, with her life, Andrea became depressed one. I had though she was the strong one, but then I saw how much the death affected her. I got say, I was proud of Phoebe though, for changing, for stopping taking all that medication. I could tell that Tess’s death hit Addison & Andrea hardest, for different reasons but out of entire group, seemed to affect them the most.

I enjoyed reading, about different things that each of friends, though about both Greg & Tess. The way Greg acted with Delilah actually made me curious if what he told others about April was the truth or not. Even after April confessed what had happened, before he died. I still wasn’t too sure how I felt about him. To me, I felt like there was something about him, that wasn’t quite, right. Even though Addison was married to Phoebe, I loved the relationship between him and Tess, I could tell that Addison truly loved her, it’s not often a grown man cries, unless he loves someone. Even though, Tess told him she loved him, I wasn’t sure how much she actually did love him. If she really did, she wouldn’t go sailing with Greg, but that’s my opinion.

In general, this was a very well written book, I found myself crying, holding my breath at times and each page made me eager for more. Actually, I didn’t want the book come to end. This book deals with meaning of true friendships, as well as relationships. Worth reading it. After reading this book, i plan reading other works of Elin Hilderbrand.


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