May 8, 2012

The Story Of Us.

The Story Of Us
Deb Caletti.
Publisher:Simon Pulse.
Publication Date:April 24,2012
Genre:YA Drama,Romance.
Format|Pages:E Book|390.
Challenge:Stand Alone.

4.7  STARS

Story Of Us was the 2nd Deb Caletti novel I read, and found myself that I discovered this author. She has a way of connecting with reader, catching the reader’s attention that will keep on reader keep on reading. Originally what captured my attention is cover of the novel which I think is absolutely beautiful. After reading the summary, I knew that I had read it; I was curious what’s going to happen just from reading the summary. I needed to know what would happen with Cricket, her mother, Dan. Way Calletti portrayed the characters, was striking, I found myself loving almost all of them.

Even if it’s only 2nd book I read, after reading Story Of Us, Deb Caletti became one of my favorite authors. Her writing is beautiful, well written. I look forward to reading rest of her novels.

 It's  supposed be a time, for celebration when her family comes together for her mother’s wedding. However the timing for Cricket is anything but worth celebrating. Cricket and her longtime boyfriend, Janssen are taking a break, after Cricket does something she wishes she could take back. Janssen walked away, and this time possibly for good.

Cricket had always feared of chance, but now she’s forced to make a decision that might change her life. During her week with her and Dan’s family, Drama unfolds, fearing that Dan will be Husband number 3 to be left at altar. However she’s more frighten by her desires when she finds herself attracted to Ash, while still having Janssen on her mind, making her decision even tougher.

Caletti’s writing is beautiful, and more realistic that some of other novels I read. Caletti doesn’t only focus on romance like most of books these days seem to, but she also focuses on real life decisions, family issues, and to keep on going. That’s what most of this book focused on. Even though there was romance in it, it mostly focused on family issues especially when Dan’s daughters showed and clearly showed that they weren’t happy about the wedding, or her. Especially Amy. When Cricket meets Ash, and finds herself attracted to him. It deals with decisions that Cricket has to make, and also making sure that her mother won’t leave Dan before the wedding.

  My favorite in story was the emails that Cricket wrote to Janssen while she was away. All those emails were filled with a lot of emotion. I thought it was unique how we found how they met, how they got together through emails. I loved the relationship of Cricket and Janssen before they even got together. It made me wonder what went wrong between two of them, for longest time it seemed like they had the best relationship. When answer came, I found myself in shock, that wasn’t what I expected. After that, I couldn’t blame Janssen for asking Cricket to decide. I found myself smiling when he came to see Cricket, after her dog died. However I was hoping they work it out then, I wasn’t too happy of ending.

  I found it interesting, the relationship between Ash & Cricket, because it was filled with tension most of the time. I actually thought that she would end up going back to him. I was sure it would happen, at the end when Janssen walked away. To me, the ending didn’t feel complete, it was only what I wasn’t fond in the book. Story Of Us is worth checking out, it’ll make you smile, make you cry and it always keeps you on wondering what’s going to happen next.


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