May 18, 2012


Therese Fowler.

Publisher:Ballantine Books.
Publication Date:May 3,2011.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|384.


I came across Exposure accidently, while surfing Goodreads for some books. I’m glad that I did, it was one of most powerful realistic novels that I read. It deals with issues that had happen, and can happen out in real world. The story, the language was beautifully written and filled with so much emotion, action. For me, it got hard to put down the novel, I wanted to see what would happen with Amelia & Anthony next; I needed to know if they will make it through this. I think this is type of novel, which both adults and teenagers should read.

  Amelia Wilkes & Anthony Winter, high school students who are in love, and plan in starting in Broadway together. However, their relationship is only known to Kim Winter, Anthony’s mother who is also teacher at their school. While, Amelia is keeping her relationship a secret from her strict parents.

  Amelia & Anthony plan to reveal to her parents, of her relationship to her parents as soon as she turns 18 and her plans with Anthony. Their relationship is discovered sooner than Amelia wants to, when Amelia’s father discovers naked pictures of Anthony on her laptop. Against Amelia’s pleading, he contacts 911, saying that Anthony was prying on his daughter. After that everything, their plans fall apart for both Amelia & Anthony.

I think that Exposure is one novel everyone should read, especially teenagers and parents with teenagers. It’s the issue that both should be aware of, because it something that can happen to anyone. In way, a novel got hard to read at times, because it seemed like things got worse for both Anthony and Amelia. However, the fact that they were always something going on, and is one of things that kept me on reading, because I wanted to see what would happen next, how it will turn out for Anthony and Amelia. As I read the book, I got a feeling that it wasn’t going end well for them.

What I found interesting about novel, was that it was told from Amelia, Anthony and Anthony’s Mother and Amelia’s Point Of View, it got me to see into each character and get to know what they were feeling. Even though I knew why Amelia’s father did what he did, I wasn’t fond of him, I think he should at least listened to his daughter, but anytime she tried tell him something, he brushed right away, refused to believe it. Also keeping her away from Anthony wasn’t the best move. I kept waiting for him to come to sense, to see how much they love another. I got say I was surprise by his actions, towards the end. Now, Kim, Anthony’s mother, I loved and loved the way she supported Anthony. Way she tried keep positive attitude even after how she started being treated after Anthony’s arrest.

Now my favorite was Anthony & Amelia’s relationship. Even, with everything falling apart around them, I could see how much they truly loved one another; it made me sad for them that they couldn’t see each other. I was glad they at least had Cameron so they could see each other from time to time. In way, I was happy when they ran away together but then another part of me, knew that things would get worse for them, especially when they got caught. However, their love was filled with so much passion, and it felt real. I was so happy to find out that they ended up together at the end, it was the ending I wasn’t expecting, especially since Anthony was on verge of death.

Be sure to check it out, It’s worth it.


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