May 24, 2012

Angel Evolution, Evolution Trilogy, #1.

Angel Evolution.
David Estes.
Publication Date:October 17,2011.
Genre:YA Fantasy,Romance.
Series:The Evolution,#1.
Format|Pages:E Book|366.
Source: Author provided me with free copy, for review.


I have always enjoyed stories about angels, especially after reading Hush, Hush this past year. I came across Angel Evolution on Author’s page, the moment I read the description; I knew that I needed to read the book. I was happy when David Estes provided me with free e copy of the book, for review, so I want thank him for that. I was glad that he provided with that opportunity because I loved every aspect of the novel. It’s one of the books that I know I will end up reading multiple times, in the future. I loved the fact, that this novel was unlike any other I read, the fact that roles of angels and demons were reversed. It was unique. Each page, each chapter grasped my attention more, eager for me to find what was going to happen next. I found myself not wanting to put the novel down. It was engaging from beginning to the end. I would highly recommend this book.

Taylor notices something off about Gabriel, the moment she meets him in college. She notices a glow that nobody else seems to notice, not even her best friend, Sam. For a while, she has a negative feeling about him, that there something that scares her about him. Then Gabriel befriends her, even revealing what he is.

Within days, Taylor finds herself growing closer to him, and even falling in love with him. When the two of them fall in love, he reveals his ‘mission’ to her, at least his ‘mission’ and mentions that she’s the one who can help them win the war against demons. He convinces her to help them. However, then Christopher comes into picture, a demon who starts dating Sam.

The four of them become close friends and soon Gabriel realizes that he truly cares about Taylor. Now Question is, if he really should portray his mission and risk betraying Taylor. While Taylor needs makes decision to make on her own, who to trust?

  I loved the different take on Angels & Demons. I wasn’t expecting for Angels being the bad ones actually, at least in the beginning I didn’t. I knew there was something off about Gabriel from beginning, and I didn’t trust him but I didn’t know that he was angel, which was a surprising twist. I was hoping that Taylor would find out the truth, before she fell for him, I did kind of wonder what would happened if she came in contact with Chris first. The more Gabriel lied to her, the more I got worried for Taylor and angry with Gabriel. I found myself loving Gabriel, by middle of book once I realized that he truly cared for her.

Sam, Christopher was the other two characters I loved. Mostly because of their personality, and fact that both of them cared about Taylor. Way, Christopher looked out for her, to make sure she was okay, and when he realized that she was missing, instantly went to Sam to reveal everything. Sam is true friend, because she went with Christopher without hesitation. The relationship between Christopher and Sam was cute. Even though not much of it was shown till almost the end. I found myself smiling when the two of them confessed their love to one another. How they stood by each other. I’m curious what’s going to happen to them next.

Angel Evolution was beautifully written, portrayed with emotions from each of characters, I found myself imagining being right there with them. David brought the story to life for me; I could even imagine the battle, Taylor’s anger, and love towards Gabriel. I found like I got to know each character more since it was written from different character’s point of view from time to time. I even felt sad for Gabriel, Taylor when Gabriel got captured. I’m hoping that they will be able to save him, before time runs out.

This was enjoyable read, I can’t wait to get the next 2 books in trilogy, I’m eager to find out what happens with everyone next.I also loved the cover, beautiful. Thanks to David, for giving me opportunity to start this amazing series. I’m looking forward to his future works.


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