Oct 31, 2016

The Sound Of Glass.

the sound of glass.
Karen white.

Publisher  NAL.
Publication Date: May 12,2015.
Genre: Contemporary Romance|Mystery.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|432.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.

It has been two years since the death of Merritt Heyward’s husband, Cal, when she receives unexpected news—Cal’s family home in Beaufort, South Carolina, bequeathed by Cal’s reclusive grandmother, now belongs to Merritt.

Charting the course of an uncertain life—and feeling guilt from her husband’s tragic death—Merritt travels from her home in Maine to Beaufort, where the secrets of Cal’s unspoken-of past reside among the pluff mud and jasmine of the ancestral Heyward home on the Bluff. This unknown legacy, now Merritt’s, will change and define her as she navigates her new life—a new life complicated by the arrival of her too young stepmother and ten-year-old half-brother.

Soon, in this house of strangers, Merritt is forced into unraveling the Heyward family past as she faces her own fears and finds the healing she needs in the salt air of the Low Country 


What a beautiful, emotional story by KAREN WHITE .

I have read few books before this one by the author and I wasn’t disappointed in either of them. THE SOUND OF GLASS wasn’t any different. I fell in love with story, the characters. To me, every single of those characters became real to me, like friends and family and even if I never experienced anything like they had, I had this feeling like I could connect to every single one of them. I enjoyed reading Merritt, Loralee and Edith’s stories and each of those characters had an unique story in their own way and in a way the three women were connected to one another. I got admit that out of all those stories, Edith’s fascinated me the most and of course the mystery surrounding her, the secret project she been working on all this time and reason that Cal called her a murderer. Once the truth was recovered, I wondered because of that is why Cal ended up marrying Merritt. I wondered if he loved her like he claimed that he have. The way he treated her, put her down I had my doubts about him. It was hard to like him. I didn’t like it how he blamed her for everything, taking out all his anger on her. That doesn’t sound like love. Not to me.

Now Gibbes, how can you not love him? Him and Merritt might not seen eye to eye in beginning but he treated everyone with respect. I loved how he never pressured Merritt to do something that she wasn’t ready to. Instead he helped her, step by step. That is something that Cal never done with her. Gibbes is who she needed. He respected her and he loved her for who she was. I was waiting for Merritt to see her instead of pushing him away anytime that the two of them got close. I could tell how much Merritt meant to Gibbes and loved that he didn’t pressure her into it, instead it he took it step by step. I could see a big change in Merritt from the beginning of the novel to the end, she wasn’t the same person that she was at the start of the book. I feel like she the one character that went through a big change in the novel.

Loralee, I am not sure how I felt about her at start. There were parts that annoyed me about her, how she acted around Merritt mostly. As the book progressed and her secret was discovered, it all made sense. It was smart for her to get Merritt to get to know her brother, Owen before she even revealed anything. I had a feeling that something was wrong with Loralee but cancer did not enter my mind, not even once. I grew to love her and I was sad to let her go. There was part of me that felt that I lost a friend. It was one of most emotional books that I have read. A book that I wished I had picked up earlier that I did. An emotional, astonishing journey. I can’t wait to see what else KAREN WHITE has in store for us.



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