Nov 5, 2016

Stone Files.

stone files.
shane morgan.

Publisher Createspace.
Publication Date: June 14, 2013
Genre: Paranormal short stories. 
Format|Pages: Ebook|100.
 Source:  Recieved copy from author, for review.

A compilation of paranormal short stories.

*Sweet, Sweet Jessica

*No Harm In Looking

*Mirror Mirror

*The Storm

Thank you to my friend, Shane Morgan for sending me a copy, in exchange of review 


It’s no surprise that I am a fan of SHANE MORGAN . How can I not be? She always writes the books that you can’t pull yourself away from. STONE FILES wasn’t any different, I was on edge of my seat from the first story till the last. STONE FILES is a bit different than what SHANE MORGAN wrote in the past. I loved fact that it was mother and daughter that read the stories together, as to way to bond together even if it was clear that it scared the mother. It was as she was conflicted if to keep going with stories or not. I can’t blame her, those stories were freaky and it would scare anyone.

Despite these stories being fictional, some of them felt real to me, like it could actually happen in real life. Realistic. Like one of those unexplained events. Reading each of those stories, both the stories and the characters became real to me. I felt like I could connect to some of them. Each of the stories in compilation had a twist of their own, the twist that even you as reader didn’t see coming. I couldn’t get enough.

SHANE MORGAN did it again. I already know that she is going to go a long way, because I am already looking forward to which adventures she comes up with next.

Beautiful. Astonishing.


Shane Morgan said...

So awesome! Thank you, Jenia :)

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