Nov 24, 2016

Two By Two.

two by two.
Nicholas sparks.

Publisher Grand Central. 
Publication Date: October 4,2016.
Genre: Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: E Book|430.
 Source:  Goodreads|Bought.

At 32, Russell Green has it all: a stunning wife, a lovable six year-old daughter, a successful career as an advertising executive and an expansive home in Charlotte. He is living the dream, and his marriage to the bewitching Vivian is the center of that. But underneath the shiny surface of this perfect existence, fault lines are beginning to appear...and no one is more surprised than Russ when he finds every aspect of the life he took for granted turned upside down.

In a matter of months, Russ finds himself without a job or wife, caring for his young daughter while struggling to adapt to a new and baffling reality. Throwing himself into the wilderness of single parenting, Russ embarks on a journey at once terrifying and rewarding—one that will test his abilities and his emotional resources beyond anything he ever imagined. 

Powerful. Inspirational. Breathtaking.

It’s no surprise by now how big fan I am of NICHOLAS SPARKS . I had read most of his novels and own most of his books. When I found that he’s coming out with a new book, I was excited and even pre-ordered TWO BY TWO months in advance. I was eager to read it and found myself counting the days that it would be out. I have read few mixed reviews about this book, but that didn’t stop me from reading it and just like other Sparks novels, I fell in love with it. Like his other novels, TWO BY TWO filled me with a lot of emotions. I felt like I became part of Russ’s story and his family, along with all the struggles that he had face. The struggles that I hoped that he would overcome. I was on edge of my seat. I cried, I got angry and worried, all the emotions that Russ felt through the book. It was real to me.

TWO BY TWO was a bit different than the other NICHOLAS SPARKS books that I have read through the years. It dealt with love but different type of love, instead on focusing on love between main character and another woman, it mostly focused loved between Russ and his daughter. There was some love story involved but most of it was based on relationship between him and his daughter. That’s what I loved about it because it was different, was family based. I loved the relationship between the two of them, I loved to see how their relationship grew through the book. Of course, when Vivian wanted sole custody, I grew angry. I know that she’s her mother but she’s one who left and Russ was one taking care of her, it didn’t seem fair. I hoped that the two of them would be able to come to agreement when two of them would see her. I wanted to see how it would end.

I loved the relationship he had with his sister, Marge. Not many brother and sisters have the bond that the two of them had. I felt as sad as Russ did when she got sick and even when she hasn’t been feeling well, cancer was last thought on my mind. There was a part of me that hoped she would make it. I am glad that he did get spend time with her that he had left. Of course, those last few chapters of the book had left me in tears. Besides the story and the characters, I was in love with the cover. Out of all his books, TWO BY TWO was my favorite one. Even if you never read a NICHOLAS SPARKS book, the cover itself will have you picking it up.

A MUST READ. An emotional story about unconditional love. A story that you will find yourself thinking about, long after you put it down. Another masterpiece by NICHOLAS SPARKS


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