Oct 22, 2016

Kiss Cam.

Kiss Cam.
Kiara London.

Publisher  Swoon Reads.
Publication Date: October 18,2016.
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: EBook|272.
 Source:  Recieved Copy Via Netgalley.

In Kiss Cam, teen author Kiara London asks, what's a little harmless kissing between friends?

Juniper, Jasper, and Lenny have been friends forever and co-own a vlog channel called WereVloggingHere. Their fans are huge "shippers" who believe that Juniper and Jasper are perfect for each other, and, despite warnings from friends and family, a simple Truth-or-Dare inspired kiss soon spirals out of control into a whole new world of making out and surprise kisses.

Juniper and Jasper's relationship begins to shift. But as fan requests for different "Kiss Cam" segments keep pouring in, Juniper puts her worries aside and convinces herself that it doesn't mean anything. After all, it's just kissing… right?

Received Electronic ARC via Netgalley, in exchange of review 


An unforgettable story about friendship and love.

When I first came across KISS CAM while on Swoon reads what had caught my attention was the title, Kiss Cam, how can you not be curious about a title like that? That was one of the things that actually caught my attention. I feel like the title was what had caught my attention and had me curious about the story. Once I had read the summary of the book, my curiosity picked up even more. Kissing Cam between two friends, even if they assured that there was nothing there and it was for their viewers, for fun, I wasn’t so sure about it. I had a feeling that nothing good could come out of it. I had a feeling that despite what they told one another, somebody would end up hurt in the end. Even I could tell that there was something there, before they did. Mostly because of way that they acted with each other, before the kissing segment. It was not long that I found myself rooting for Jasper and Juniper just the way that their fans, viewers were.

I had heard of Vlog channels but I never seen one, or knew how it was done. Even though I knew that this was all fictional, I felt like I learned more about Vlog that I had known prior to reading the novel. It’s actually pretty interesting concept, at least that what I got by following Juniper, Jasper and Lenny through this book. Part of me felt like I was one of their viewers, followers that was eager to see what they would come up with next. Emotions in KISS CAM were so vivid that I felt like I was experiencing those emotions along with Juniper. I felt her happiness, annoyance, confusion and love. I loved the relationship between her and Jasper, it was clear to anyone that they cared about one another. I just wish that Juniper realized how much Jasper meant to her before she almost ruined the years of friendship, because she was confused, because she didn’t want ruin the friendship that they had. I wish that she seen it much sooner. I found myself waiting for her to realize what mistake she made.

I couldn’t get enough of Jasper and Juniper’s story. Every page, every chapter had me craving for more. A beautiful, heartbreaking story. I can’t wait to see what KIARA LONDON has in store for us next.


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