Oct 16, 2016

The Movie Version.

the movie version.
emma wunsch

Publisher  Amulet Books.
Publication Date: October 11,2016.
Genre: YA Contemporary.
Format|Pages: EBook|368.
 Source:  Recieved Copy Via Netgalley.

In the movie version of Amelia’s life, the roles have always been clear. Her older brother, Toby: definitely the Star. As popular with the stoners as he is with the cheerleaders, Toby is someone you’d pay ten bucks to watch sweep Battle of the Bands and build a “beach party” in the bathroom. As for Amelia? She’s Toby Anderson’s Younger Sister. She’s perfectly happy to watch Toby’s hijinks from the sidelines, when she’s not engrossed in one of her elaborately themed Netflix movie marathons.

But recently Toby’s been acting in a very non-movie-version way. He’s stopped hanging out with his horde of friends and started obsessively journaling and disappearing for days at a time. Amelia doesn’t know what’s happened to her awesome older brother, or who this strange actor is that’s taken his place. And there’s someone else pulling at her attention: a smart, cute new boyfriend who wants to know the real Amelia—not Toby’s Sidekick. Amelia feels adrift without her star, but to best help Toby—and herself—it might be time to cast a new role: Amelia Anderson, leading lady

Received Copy Via Netgalley for Honest Review. Thank you! 


A powerful, beautiful story about one family’s struggle.

I always thought that stories about mental Illness is a powerful and inspirational story. THE MOVIE VERSION wasn’t any different. I had a feeling from start that something was off about Toby, mostly by the way that he acting and freaking out. For instance, when he disappeared and it was all because he was looking for his car keys, a person does not take off, without shoes to look for his car keys. Toby wasn’t the same person he was in the start of the story. At start, I had same feeling that Amelia had that he might be smoking too much pot. He seemed like he was always high. However, as time passed I started to suspect that it was something more serious. I do wonder if it was caught on earlier that more help could been provided to him. I might have suspected that something was wrong with him but Schizophrenia was the last thought on my mind. I was as shocked at Amelia and the rest of his family. It did make sense and explain his odd behavior.

I had this feeling that it was hardest to accept for Amelia. The two of them were close before it occurred and I can’t even begin to imagine what she must been feeling through all of this. The way that she acted, and avoided talking about it, I knew that it was harder for her than she let on. Amelia felt guilty that she didn’t see it sooner and there was this feeling that she blamed herself for what happened, that maybe she could prevented it, if she told her parents about his odd behavior earlier. My heart went out to Amelia, for her pain and for her confusion. All those emotions that she was feeling, I felt them too. To me, Amelia’s story was real because it’s a story that can actually occur in real life. Just when you don’t think that things can’t get worse, something else occurs which have you as reader, turning the pages to see how the story ends. It was sad yet a story that will have you on edge of your seat.

THE MOVIE VERSION started out a bit slow for me, and in beginning I had a bit trouble following along with what was going on. That did not last long because pretty soon I found myself engaged in Amelia’s journey. I couldn’t seem to get enough of it and there were even times that I wished that I could read all day long. I was curious how Amelia’s story will end and if Toby would get the help that he needed.

Astonishing debut YA novel about family struggle, love, acceptance and hope. It’s worth every single page.


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