Jul 20, 2012

Will Grayson,Will Grayson.

Will Grayson,Will Grayson
John Green  &
David Levithan.
Publisher:Dutton Juvenille.
Publication Date:April 6,2010
Genre:YA Contemporary Romance|Humor.
Format|Pages: E Book|310.


Will Grayson, Will Grayson , another amazing work by John Green. It seems to me that Green amazes me each time with his talent. I haven’t read anything by David Levithan before reading this book; I’m planning to after reading this book. His writing style was unique. In general this novel was unique and it was different from other John Green novels that I have read in past. There was some slow parts, mostly in beginning, it did pick up after few pages. After it picked up, it got hard for me to put the book down, every aspect of the book kept me on edge of my seat. If you are a John Green fan, I would recommend reading this book.

Story follows two boys, who both go by Will Grayson. First Will Grayson is a friend of Tiny Cooper who tries to go with his life, unnoticed. However with a friend like Tiny Cooper, it’s hard to go unnoticed, especially when he decided do musical, based of his life. Then there is will grayson, who suffers from depression and only thing that seems make him happy in life is Isaac, a guy that he meets online.

Eventually, two of them decided to meet, in Chicago. It’s the meeting that causes two Will have to cross paths. The night that will discovers that Isaac was made up by his friend, Maura. That is just when the two of them run across one another. The meeting changes both of their lives, in most unexpected way.

  I loved the general idea of this book, especially Tiny’s musical. The musical was one of things I was looked forward to; I wanted to see how it would turn out. I found myself loving Tiny from beginning, even thought not many others seemed to, even Will seemed to be embarrassed to be his friend at times. I loved his outgoing attitude, loved the fact that no matter what happened, he kept on going. I was kind of hoping he found someone, to make him even happier. I was glad to see when other will grayson came along, it seemed to make him happy and make him more confident. However, it seemed to caused problems between him and the other Will. I was glad that they worked it out in the end. Though I wish that Tiny and other will got back in the end. I could see how much change Tiny gone through the book.

Now, I love both John & David’s writing style, I could see the different in their styles. I saw the way John wrote his character and way David did his. What I thought was unique was how David’s character was all in lower case, and how most of conversation was as if characters were texting among each other. The way it was written, was something I haven’t seen before, not in the other novels that I have read. I could clearly tell difference between two Will’s, while one was depressed, the other one tried hard to go unnoticed. Honestly, I preferred lower case will more, he just seemed more interested to read about, even though other Will grew on me after a while. I loved seeing, comparing the realthionship they both had with Tiny and how in end, they both ended up truly caring for Tiny.

Ending, that made me smile. I loved the fact how his friends got together, to surprise Tiny like that at the end of the musical, having a response from people like he hoped they would. It made me happy for him, besides will, he was my other favorite character. He deserved a happy ending. I am glad I picked this book up, it was worth checking out. John Green is one of authors that haven’t disappointed me; there hasn’t been single book I didn’t like. I am checking out rest and more of David Levithan novels, I am curious about his other works.


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I've never actually read this book, but it seems really interesting! I'm a big fan of John Green books. :)

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