Jul 7, 2012

The Catastrophic History Of You And Me.

The Catastrophic History Of You & Me.
Jess Rothenberg.
Publisher:Penquin Young Readers
Publication Date:February 21, 2012.
Genre:YA Romance, Fantasy.
Challenge:Debut Author|Stand Alone.


I been wanting to read The Catastrophic History of You and Me, when I came across it on Goodreads back in February. Cover and title captured my attention first and I found myself wondering about it, so I read the description. When I read the summary, I already knew that it was the type of the book I’m going to love. However, for the longest time, it wasn’t at library and I didn’t have the money to buy it. I was glad when it finally appeared at the library. The Catastrophic History of You And Me ended up being more heartbreaking then I thought it would be. I found myself tearing up multiple times in this book, and yet unable to put it down. I felt myself being able to connect with characters and found myself wondering if Brie would be able to move on. This was an amazing Debut novel and I am looking forward to her other novels.

  Brie’s life was everything she wanted to be. She had a great family, three amazing best friends and a boyfriend who loved her, or so she thought. But days before her sixteen birthday, her boyfriend, Jacob told her he didn’t love her. Those were words that broke Brie’s heart and killed her. It didn’t matter that her heart seemed to be health; those were the words that made her heart stop beating.

Brie is having hard time accepting that she actually dead, and having hard time adjusting. It’s then when she meets Patrick, a lost soul and her tour guide who attempts to guide her through 5 stages. However Brie refuses to listen to him. Meanwhile back home, Brie finds out that bother her best friend and Jacob been keeping a secret from her, causing her to feel, betrayed. Brie finds herself having hard time getting through 5 stages of grief. How do you move on, when your heart is in pieces?

What I enjoyed about this book, the fact that the twists that were put into the story, were the ones that I didn’t see coming at all. The one with Patrick and Brie and their past life together, I did not see that coming. I remember being in shock when I read that last sentence in that chapter. I was in same situation that Brie was, wondering how that was even possible. Then I found myself seeing why Patrick was treating Brie, the way he did. To me in made sense why he wasn’t giving up. Another twist was when Brie went back to relieve that day, I found myself surprised that she was actually was able to change some things. Jacob’s secret, to me that was the most shocking secret of all, I did not see that, him being gay was last secret I though he have. I found myself feeling bad for him, especially when he was writing the suicide letter; I teared up and hoped that there was way that Brie could find way to help him. I enjoy novels like that when the least unexpected twists occur; it makes want keep on reading.

Brie: I found myself loving her character from beginning. I felt like I could relate to her character. I have lost someone very close to me, multiple times so I been through same thing, the 5 stages of grief and it was as hard for me to go through it. It was for that reason that I found myself to be easily to relate to Brie. I felt sorry for Brie too, even if she was fictional character, I wanted to help her. I was glad that at least Patrick was there and tried to help her, even if she pushed him away most of time. I did wish that she would let him help her more than she did. I knew it made it harder for her, to see how people were dealing with her death, how hard it was for her to watch. I know even though she attempted to deny it, there was an attraction between her and Patrick. I was happy to see for her to be able to move on towards the end.

Patrick: I loved his attitude, the fact how much he cared about Brie from the moment two of them met. He was the type of the guy I would want, I would know would be the one. No matter what, no matter how Brie acted, he was always there when she needed someone, when she broke down; he was the one to hold her while she cried. I was hoping for her to realize that Patrick truly cared about her; at times I was even frustrated with her for not seeing it sooner. I loved how Patrick called her Angel, no matter what, it made me smile every single time. Their fights, they made me laugh and that’s what I loved about this book was the added humor as well.

I love the music that was mentioned within the novel as well. I will totally be checking out her future works. Her writing hooks you right on.


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