Jul 4, 2012

The Lucky One.

The Lucky One.
Nicholas Sparks.
Publisher:Grand Central Publishing.
Publication Date: January 1, 2008.
Genre:Romance, Drama.
Format|Pages: Paperback|384.


I have read The Lucky One multiple times, yet it still amazes me each time. The writing, the story, the characters. I find myself diving right into the story, even if I had read the story more than once, even if I know what’s going be happen next. I got admit, this is one of my favorite Nicholas Sparks novels, and it’s filled with a lot of action. The more I read the book, the more I found myself being hooked to the story. I found myself wanting to see what’s going happen next, especially with Thibault and Beth. After reading this book again, I’m even more eager to see the movie, I want see how close to book it is, but I heard it’s pretty good. If you are a romance fan or Nicholas fan, this is worth checking out.

During his 3rd tour in Iraq, U.S Marine Logan Thibault stumbled across a photograph of a young woman. First, Thibault posts on the bulletin but when nobody claims it, he finds himself taking it, keeping it in his pocket. Soon after, Thibault begins to experience luck, including surviving explosions during combats that kill two of his closest friends. Everyone begins to treat him differently, expect for his best friend Victor who begins to believe that the photograph is his lucky charm.

Back in Colorado, Thibault finds it almost impossible to get the women in the photograph, out of his mind. He finds himself setting on the journey, to find her. When Thibault arrives to Hampton, North Carolina and comes across women in photograph, Elizabeth he never imagines feeling the attraction he begins to feel for her, along with bond he develops with her young son. Thibault keeps the photograph and his luck a secret from Elizabeth, and soon finds himself falling in love with her. How long will he be able keep his secret till it’s exposed? A secret that threatens their love.

I loved that his story was from Thibault, Clayton and Beth’s point of view. I think that writing from each of their perspectives, got me to know each of them better. I knew right from start that I loved Thibault and Beth and disliked Clayton from beginning till practically end of the novel. I got to one each of their personalities more, and I felt myself rooting for some of characters and I had wanted for Beth and Thibault to get together from beginning and wanting for Clayton to let it go, to leave them alone but mostly to leave Beth alone.

Thibault & Clayton: As I mentioned earlier, I loved Thibault character right from start. Reason that I loved him was mostly his attitude, his actions and his dedication that he had all through the novel. There were some decisions that he made that I had feeling would end badly for him, in the end. For instance, I think he should tell Beth about photograph from beginning or at least returned it to her. I do agree with Beth on that, it wasn’t his to keep. I got feeling if he did do that, maybe things would been better between them and maybe she wouldn’t gotten into that argument with Keith. Yet, I could see why he did it. I loved that he seemed the one person who seemed be able to stand up to Keith, not scared of him. I could tell that he really cared for Beth and Ben, and was hoping that Keith would see that. I was happy that they ended up together at end. Clayton, I didn’t like anything about him, right from first page, he seemed to think because he was deputy, that he could do anything he pleased, including scaring every guy Beth went out with. I actually had a feeling that he didn’t even care about Ben, the way he treated him when he came over. Also way he tried telling Beth at the end, what to do, no guy should treat women the way he treated her. To me, he seemed to obsessive over her, her life. However, at the end he earned some of my respect when he went to save Ben, how he died, saving Ben. I actually felt bit sad when he did. I just wish he came to his sense, before that.

 Beth & Thibault: I knew there was attraction between two of them, right from start. Especially when he stopped when he had found her, the way he looked at her. Even if she didn’t admit it, I knew that she felt attracted to him too. I don’t think it was fair for her to judge him, when he first showed up because he was a marine. I enjoyed the scenes between her and Thibault, I could see from first time they spend time together that there were sparks between the two of them, especially as time passed by I knew that she looked forward to spending time with him. It seemed to me that anytime the two of them were together, they were always having fun. I knew that they would fall time with no time. Once they did, it made me smile because I could tell how much they loved each other, I was happy that Beth was finally able to find someone who was there for her, loved her for who she was.

  I loved fact that there was not only romance but some action, some thriller added to the story. It’s one of the reasons that the book kept my attention. Nicholas Sparks is one of authors worth checking out if you are into romance, he always makes you wanting to read more. I always look forward to his books.


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