Jul 8, 2012

Mister Death's Blue Eyed Girls.

Mister Death's Blue Eyed Girls.
Mary Downing Hahn.
Publisher:Clarion Books.
Publication Date:April 17,2012.
Genre:YA Mystery, Thriller, Historical.


I came across Mister Death’s Blue Eyed Girls , while surfing on Goodreads for some books. Title was what captured me first, it sounded mysterious and it made me curious what the book was about. Once I read the description, I knew that it was my type of book. The fact that it was based on real life crime that happened in Hahn hometown, captured my attention even more. I loved the author’s note at end, way she compared what was different about the book and what really happened, how she dealt with it. I was totally engaged in the novel, the minute I picked it up and till I finished it. It was different from other mystery, thriller novels that I read, it seemed more realistic to me. I totally recommend this book if you enjoy mysteries.

Based on true events, in 1950’s. It June 1956 and school is about to end for the summer. Nora along with her friends are enjoying freedom by partying, drinking, having no idea that things about to take a drastic turn. In town where nothing happens till next day when Cheryl and Bobbi Jo are found dead in woods, shot while walking to last day of school.

The whole town in shaken up and the whole town believe that Cheryl’s ex boyfriend Buddy is one responsible for their murder. At first Nora agrees with everyone but then she begins to believe that he’s innocent. During that time, she also finds herself questioning her faith, her beliefs.

  Mister Death’s Blue Eyed Girls was pretty intense read. I felt myself being able to easily connect to each character but especially Nora. Reading from her point of view, I could tell that it seemed to be the hardest on Nora or at least it seemed like it at times. To be able to deal with it and how she kept thinking that it could been her and Ellie as well, it seemed to me like she had a hard time letting it go. I thought she truly liked Charlie but then after she started spending time with Buddy, I felt some sort of connection between the two of them, the type of connection she didn’t seem to have with Charlie, I think with Charlie it was more physical attraction. I had a feeling that he was using her just for that. I was glad that at least Nora believed that Buddy didn’t kill Cheryl and Bobbi Jo and I think it’s reason that their connection was special.

What I thought made novel more appealing, more interesting to read was that it was from multiple point of views, not Nora’s. I found interesting to see it from Buddy’s point of view, what his thoughts were and it was because of that, I knew he couldn’t killed Cheryl, even if he was angry with her, he loved her. I felt angry at everyone for assuming that he was one who killed her, just because he was angry with Cheryl at party. In way I feel it Cheryl’s doing too, if she didn’t tell Ellie that Buddy gave her that black eye, maybe nobody would assumed him. Besides reading from Buddy’s point of view, I also enjoyed reading it from Mister Death’s, because I was curious why he killed them. Even thought I understood that he was hurt for them picking on him, I still believe that it was no reason for him to kill them; I keep hoping that he would get caught somehow.

I loved the relationship that formed between Buddy and Nora, I was happy that they had one another and fact that Buddy had somehow that actually believed his innocence. Fact how she called him those years later when she found who real killer been. It showed him even after years passed, she still cared for him and he deserved to have someone to care for him. I just wished it happened sooner, the real killer was discovered so Buddy wouldn’t leave, maybe something would develop between him and Nora.

Even if it was intense, I enjoyed most aspects of book. The beginning started out little bit slow for me but it picked up pretty fast. It was filled with a lot of suspense and kept you engaged, kept you on reading. I’m hoping she writes more young adult mysteries, I would totally be checking them out.


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