Sep 5, 2018

The Fragile Ordinary.

the fragile ordinary.
 Samantha young. 

Publisher  Harlequin Teen.
Publication Date: June 26,2018.
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|304.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.



I am Comet Caldwell.

And I sort of, kind of, absolutely hate my name.

People expect extraordinary things from a girl named Comet. That she’ll be effortlessly cool and light up a room the way a comet blazes across the sky.

But from the shyness that makes her book-character friends more appealing than real people to the parents whose indifference hurts more than an open wound, Comet has never wanted to be the center of attention. She can’t wait to graduate from her high school in Edinburgh, Scotland, where the only place she ever feels truly herself is on her anonymous poetry blog. But surely that will change once she leaves to attend university somewhere far, far away.

When new student Tobias King blazes in from America and shakes up the school, Comet thinks she’s got the bad boy figured out. Until they’re thrown together for a class assignment and begin to form an unlikely connection. Everything shifts in Comet’s ordinary world. Tobias has a dark past and runs with a tough crowd—and none of them are happy about his interest in Comet. Targeted by bullies and thrown into the spotlight, Comet and Tobias can go their separate ways…or take a risk on something extraordinary 


Extraordinary love story.

How did I not read this author before? I heard about SAMANTHA YOUNG and when her new book, THE FRAGILE ORDINARY came out, I heard quite bit about and I got curious, about the book, the author. I put the book on hold at the library. Not long after I started to read the story, I fell in love with Young’s writing and the characters, and most of all the story. THE FRAGILE ORDINARY was an emotional book to read, a lot of emotions went through me while I read the book, sadness, happiness, anger, grief, love. I found myself feeling all the emotions that Comet was feeling. I loved Comet. She was one of those characters that I could connect to. I might had loving parents, but like Comet I was shy, and most of the time buried myself in books. I was also bullied, it might not be as extreme what Comet and Tobias had to go through. Mine lasted for years and not the best feeling. I think that most of emotions gone through me while I read that, mostly anger and even fear. I was mostly afraid for Comet, afraid that Stevie and his friends will go too far. Reading it, I felt as I was going through what Comet and Tobias were facing. I knew they were fictional characters but I wanted to reach out, and hug them during that difficult time.

THE FRAGILE ORDINARY was one of most realistic novels that I read. The story dealt with challenges that can actually happen in real life, drugs, friendship, choices, loneliness, bullying, family and wanting to feel loved. I understood why Comet buried herself in books most of time, her parents, they didn’t even act like parents are supposed to act. I did feel as if Kyle cared a bit more that Carrie, but anytime he did, Carrie seemed to get in way. No mother should be jealous of her husband giving attention to their daughter. I was glad when Comet confronted him, that it’s not okay. I believe that what made Kyle wake up, even if it caused a drift between him and Carrie. I know that they can’t get back all those years back, but it made me wonder if it can be fixed, and they can finally have the father/ daughter relationship that Comet always wanted. I always wondered if her parents didn’t care, I was happy to find out that at least one of them did. My heart broke for Comet. I can’t imagine to have your own family treat you as if you didn’t matter. Now I am curious of what might happen, with Comet and Kyle after the book end. How that might affect Kyle and Carrie.

Tobias and Comet, you know that there is connection/ attraction between two of them from start. Even if Comet wants to deny it at first. Not like I can blame her, considering how Tobias acts at the beginning. I loved how he protected her, stood by her side when the bullying started. I hated that Stevie was behind it, just because he was angry with Tobias, he decided to take out on both of them. I think it helped Comet to not feel as alone, for the first time, she felt loved. Tobias is who she needed. I know that the reason two of them fell in love with each other, was because they connected so well. You can’t help but love two of them together. I rooted for the two of them. Their love was unbreakable.

THE FRAGILE ORDINARY was a beautiful, emotional story. The title fits the story, beautifully. It was a first book I read by SAMANTHA YOUNG and I am aleready eager to pick up rest of her books. A story that will stay with you. A story that will keep you on edge of your seat until the end. It was…breathtaking.


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