May 8, 2018

Love And Other Train Wrecks.

love and other train wrecks.
 leah konen.

Publisher  Katherine Tegen.
Publication Date: January 2,2018.
Genre:YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|368.. 
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


A twenty-four-hour romance about two teens who meet—and perhaps change their minds about love—on a train ride to Upstate New York in the middle of a snowstorm

One train ride. Two strangers.

Noah is a hopeless romantic. He’s heading back home for one last chance with his first love, whom he broke up with when he went off to college.

Ammy doesn’t believe in true love—her parents being prime examples. She’s escaping from a mom who can’t take care of her to a dad who may not even want her. That is, until one winter night when Noah and Ammy find themselves in the same Amtrak car heading to Upstate New York.

After a train-wreck first encounter between the two of them, the Amtrak train suddenly breaks down due to a snowstorm. Desperate to make it to their destinations, Noah and Ammy have no other option but to travel together. What starts off as a minor detour turns into the whirlwind journey of a lifetime, and over the course of the night they fall in love. But come morning their adventure takes an unexpected turn for the worst. Can one night can really change how they feel about love...and the course of their lives forever? 


 It didn’t take me long to fall in love with this story. I believe that it only took me few pages and I was hooked, to the story, the characters. I love that LOVE AND OTHER TRAIN WRECKS took time within 24 hours. It makes you realize as a reader how much can happen, how much can change in 24 hours. I think because of everything that happened and what Noah and Ammy had to face to get where they needed to be. Just when I didn’t think that anything could go wrong, get worse. I was proven wrong. Every page had me craving for more story, had me wondering what they would face next. Few times during their adventure, I wondered if Noah and Ammy would actually make it to their destinations. And once they did, what would happen to them? LOVE AND OTHER TRAIN WRECKS is a type of story that had you wondering what will happen, how will the end until you find yourself at the end of the novel.

Noah and Ammy’s realthionship was a bit different that a realthionship you read about. First of all, they started out as strangers that met on train. Strangers who the only reason they ended up going on their adventure together was because train breaks down, and who needed make it to their destination. I was surprised that she even agreed to go with him, a stranger. I know that if I were in her position, I would been more hestitant that she had been. I believe that had do with fact that she was in hurry, and had to get to her destination by a certain time. I am sure if she knew what was to come after, she would stayed on that train instead. I think that Ammy wasn’t too fond of him at first, especially after he took in wrong direction. I am actually surprised she decided to stick with him after that, but I guess she didn’t have any other choice. I didn’t think that two of them would actually develop feelings for one another, considering how Noah went to get his ex girlfriend back. It didn’t take long for me to see how they felt for one another. Just the way they started to act around each other. I hoped that the two of them could find a way to be with each other, even after that sudden twist that even I didn’t see coming.

Rina, I never put two and two together. That is one twist that even I did not see coming. I think that what made this book even more interesting. Fact that Kat is the ex girlfriend, who is related to Ammy. I feel as if I was in shock just like Ammy was once she found out. Once that was out, the feelings that they had for each other went out window, because neither of them wanted to hurt Kat. It put both of them in awkward situation. I am sure that Kat wouldn’t be happy about, considering how Noah broke her heart and I feel that what it stopped both of them. There was part of me that also hoped that Kat would understand, and that Ammy would actually tell her. Out of all people that Ammy had to run into, of course it had to be Kat’s ex. Of course it wasn’t her fault, Kat refused to talk about him, so she didn’t even know it was her ex. I think everything would turned out differently if she did. I loved everything about this book. I did not want to put it down and once I reached the end, I wanted to pick it up again. LOVE AND OTHER TRAIN WRECKS is a first book that I read by LEAH KONEN and now that I have read one, I need to read more.

A beautiful, heart aching, spectacular love story.


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