May 31, 2018

Airports, Exes, And Other Things I'm Over.

airports, exes, and other things i'm over.
 shani petroff.

Publisher  SwoonReads.
Publication Date: May15,2018
Genre:YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|224. 
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


A bad storm, two canceled flights, stuck in an airport with a hot stranger and the guy who broke her heart... what could go wrong?

After Sari caught her boyfriend Zev cheating on her, their romantic Florida vacation was ruined. She can't get back to NYC soon enough. Unfortunately, mother nature may have different plans. A huge storm is brewing in the Northeast, and flights all over the country are getting canceled—including Sari's. She winds up stuck at the airport for hours. With Zev!

When another stranded passenger (a hot NYU guy) suggests a connecting flight to Boston, Sari jumps at the chance. But when her mom freaks out about her traveling alone, she has no choice—she has to include Zev, and somehow survive being trapped with the guy who broke her heart! 

This was such cute story. I’m not that surprised of how much I loved this story, by now I have read multiple books that were published by Swoon Reads . AIRPORTS, EXES, AND OTHER THINGS I ‘M OVER Isn’t any different, I was hooked within first few sentences in the first chapters. It’s not long until you wonder what will happen next and before you know it, you have been reading for few hours. I was on plane, on my way to see my family in Arizona, and I got so into Sari’s story and before I knew it, we were landing and I was halfway done with book. Don’t you love stories like these, where you don’t even realize how much time passed. From the moment that Sari caught her boyfriend, Zev cheating on here, I wondered what would come for them next, if she let him explain, if she will forgive him or if she let him go. I have been cheated on in the past, so I actually can imagine what she is feeling, and it’s not the greatest feeling. Zev also didn’t make it easy for her, considering that he kept showing up. I do feel if that kiss did mean something to him, he wouldn’t showed up, he wouldn’t tried to explain to her what happened. I could tell how much he cared for her, and fact that he didn’t give up, showed that he loved her and he knew that he made a big mistake. The one he tried so hard to fix. I hoped that Sari would see that.

Fitz. First of all, don’t you just love that name? That’s one of the things that I loved about this book, the names. Most of them were unique and not ones that you hear about often. I felt there was some sort of connection between Fitz and Sari and for moment I did wonder if there is possibility that something could spark between the two of them. It didn’t take long to see that Sari wasn’t interested, at least in anything that went beyond friendship. I could tell that she wasn’t over Zev. I am glad that she made a new friend though. I am not sure what it was about airports but I always loves stories that took places in airports or around them. AIRPORTS, EXES, AND OTHER THINGS I’M OVER Is not first book that I read that took place in airport, and like the other books that I read, I fell in love with it. In way it fell with my travel plans since I started reading it around same time as I was flying to Arizona to visit my family. I did wonder if Sari would actually make it to her audition, since the storm seemed to mess up all the flights. I think if it wasn’t for Fitz, there is a chance that she might not have.

The ending, it had me smiling. I was wondering how long it would take her, to realize that she belonged with Zev. I know that he cheated but way he acted, I know that he still cared for her.
He wanted for her to know the truth. Of course when he almost gave up, and that’s when she realized it. Even though they got their happily after, I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to them after. AIRPORTS, EXES, AND OTHER THINGS I’M OVER is the first book that I read by SHANI PETROFF and after reading this book, I am eager to find out her others.


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