Jul 21, 2016

This Is What Goodbye Looks Like.

this is what goodbye looks like.
olivia rivers..

Publisher :  Red Sparrow Press.
Publication Date: June 17,2016
Genre: YA  Contemporary Romance. 
Format|Pages: E Book| 338.
 Source:  Publisher Via Netgalley. 

Lea Holder watched a boy die in the same DUI accident that ruined her legs and threw her little sister into a coma. As the only eye-witness to the accident, if Lea tells the truth in court, the drunk driver will go to prison and the dead boy's family will have justice.

But Lea lies.

Telling the truth would have put her own mom in prison for causing the accident. With the trial over and her mom set free, Lea attempts to rebuild her shattered life as she waits for her little sister to wake from her coma.

When Lea transfers schools, she finds herself in the same senior class as Seth Ashbury, the brother of the boy her mom killed. As Lea gets to know the person buried underneath Seth's grief, she quickly falls for his quick wit and passionate soul. But Seth remains completely oblivious that Lea is the same girl who robbed his family of justice.

As their relationship deepens, Lea finally gets a taste of the love that's been missing from her life since the accident. But soon she's faced with a choice: she can continue her lies and accept the comfort it gives them both. Or she can tell Seth the truth about everything, and risk destroying both her family and the fragile love she's found.

I was provided a copy from publisher via Netgalley, in exchange of honest review. 


I’m in love. Spectacular.

There wasn’t anything that I didn’t love about this book. Despite the subject, I couldn’t get enough of it and I spend the free time that I had, reading it. I wanted to see what happened with Lea, what happened with Lea and Seth. I got say that THIS WHAT GOODBYE LOOKS LIKE was one of the most heartbreaking novels that I read this year so far. It seemed just as Lea and Seth got happy, something else happened. I didn’t know how to feel about Lea at first, I didn’t think that it was right to not tell Seth who she was. I know that she wanted to get to know him first, but maybe if she told him the truth to begin with, there could been a chance that it could all ended on better note. All that she managed to accomplish was to hurt Seth and her friends around her. He already lost his brother, Parker and then he lost her too. I can’t even begin to imagine what he was feeling, thinking when he found the truth. I know how much he loved her, I couldn’t even imagine the hurt he must been feeling when he found who she was. I can’t blame him from being angry, if I were in his situation I would be too. There were so much emotions that went through me while I read this book. I did grab tissues few times while reading it, some of moments were so heartbreaking that couldn’t keep my emotions inside.

I loved how much Lea cared about her little sister, Camille. Despite her condition, there was not a second that she gave up on her, even if it seemed like her parents had. There is part of me wonders what would happened if Lea didn’t fight so hard, to keep her on Life support. There is part of me that wondered if she knew that she was going to wake up at some point. Of course none of that could be accomplished if Seth’s family didn’t help them too. It had me wondering, would Seth finally forgive her? Actually it was something I been wondering since moment that he found out the truth about Lea. Would he ever forgive her? I feel like falling in love with Seth wasn’t part of Lea’s plan when she enrolled at the school. I loved the scenes between two of them, the way they were with each other, way they looked at one another and took care of each other. That’s why my heart broke for Seth and for Lea when everything came crashing down, for both them. Through rest of the book, I found myself hoping that they would find way to each other again.

THIS IS WHAT GOODBYE LOOKS LIKE Is a story about love, two families torn apart by tragedy, hope, letting go, forgiveness and acceptance. It was a 2nd book that I read by OLIVIA RIVERS and I know already that she will be an author that I am going to love this author for years to come, she has a way to hook you, to get you fall in love with characters and the story. I am looking forward to the next adventures she comes up with next.


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