Jul 21, 2016


Hello everyone!
 First, i wanted to thank everyone who been stopping by my blog  and checking out my reviews,  It's appreciated!  The reason  i am writing because i got some news that i wanted to share that  might affect  my  review post in next few months most likely. 

I got offered  a co -teaching  job at my old job back  in Virginia and i accepted.  I will be in process of moving in next few weeks since i am starting on August 22,2016.  I will be pretty occupied and i will be renting and i am not sure when i have access to internet or computer, since i be flying there.  I will try to post before i leave but not sure how much reading i get done in next few weeks. 

I will be back, i am just not sure when that will be,  i just wanted give everyone  heads up. 

Hope everyone having great summer!


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