Jul 10, 2016

Suffer Love.

suffer love.
ashley herring blake.

Publisher : HMH Books For Young Readers.
Publication Date: May 3,2016.
Genre: YA  Contemporary  Romance. 
Format|Pages: Hardcover|352.
 Source:  Goodreads|Libary.

“Just let it go.”

That’s what everyone keeps telling Hadley St. Clair after she learns that her father cheated on her mother. But Hadley doesn’t want to let it go. She wants to be angry and she wants everyone in her life—her dad most of all—to leave her alone.

Sam Bennett and his family have had their share of drama too. Still reeling from a move to a new town and his parents’ recent divorce, Sam is hoping that he can coast through senior year and then move on to hassle-free, parent-free life in college. He isn’t looking for a relationship…that is, until he sees Hadley for the first time.

Hadley and Sam’s connection is undeniable, but Sam has a secret that could ruin everything. Should he follow his heart or tell the truth? 


What a beautiful novel. I’m in love.

There were so many emotions that went through me while reading SUFFER LOVE and the emotions that both Sam and Hadley went through were vivid, and before I realized I could feel those emotions along with them. All the anger, the betrayal and of course love. I felt every single of those emotions. To me, it felt real because of everything that both Sam and Hadley were going through is what I can see happening in real life. It wasn’t only a love story, it dealt with so much more. Something that tore two families apart, and when it comes to cheating, it can tear anyone apart. I had friends that been cheated on, even thought it was not anything then what Sam and Hadley went through, I could see their pain. I can’t even imagine how the other person must feel like, the betrayal they might have at that moment. I feel that the emotions was one of the things in novel, that made it so strong and even if you didn’t go through what Sam and Hadley did, you felt like you could relate to him. All through the novel I found myself wondering if they will make it through this. But then how could anyone make through something like that? I still found myself hoping for the best.

Sam and Hadley is a couple that you couldn’t help but love them. There was a connection between the two of them from the start. The way that Sam seemed to want to protect her, and the way that two of them looked at each other. In a way Sam changed Hadley, because after what happened with her father, it seemed like it changed her and as if she gave up on the guys all together. But then considering that her father and her were close, up till he cheated and betrayed her trust. Even though she tried to hide it, to block it out. It seemed that Sam is one who could see it. I just wished that he told her the truth sooner, I had this feeling that longer he put it off, longer that he kept from her that it would blow up in his face. That is what happened. I can’t even imagine finally finding a person that you can trust only to find out what they been keeping from you all this time. I knew that she loved him and that he loved her, and I hoped that they could somehow get past it. I wanted for both of them get their happily ever after.

There was pretty tough subject in this book, cheating. That is something that is hard to deal with to begin with, but to happen in family and between two families of the boy that you feel in love with? I can’t even imagine what must been going through her mind, the betrayal she must have felt. First her father, then Sam. My heart broke for both Hadley and Sam. What happened, What Sam’s and Hadley’s father did was neither of their fault. If it was anyone’s fault it was their parents, not theirs. SUFFER LOVE was a powerful story. It will have you reaching for tissues, so be prepared. I could not get enough of their story, both Sam and Hadley became like friends to me. I was amazed at all the emotions, all the descriptions within the book were so vivid, that I saw everything in my mind that I was reading and that made the book more real to me. An beautiful, heart aching debut novel. I want see what other stories ASHLEY HERRING BLAKE will come up with next. An author I will be looking forward to.


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