Jul 11, 2016


Melissa gorzelanczyk.

Publisher : Delacorte Press.
Publication Date: January 26,2016.
Genre: YA  Contemporary  Romance | Fantasy.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|256.
 Source:  Goodreads|Libary.

People don’t understand love. If they did, they’d get why dance prodigy Karma Clark just can’t say goodbye to her boyfriend, Danny. No matter what he says or does or how he hurts her, she can’t stay angry with him . . . and can’t stop loving him. But there’s a reason why Karma is helpless to break things off: she’s been shot with a love arrow.

Aaryn, son of Cupid, was supposed to shoot both Karma and Danny but found out too late that the other arrow in his pack was useless. And with that, Karma’s life changed forever. One pregnancy confirmed. One ballet scholarship lost. And dream after dream tossed to the wind.

A clueless Karma doesn’t know that her toxic relationship is Aaryn’s fault . . . but he’s going to get a chance to make things right. He’s here to convince Danny to man up and be there for Karma. But what if this god from Mount Olympus finds himself falling in love with a beautiful dancer from Wisconsin who can never love him in return? 


ARROWS isn’t what I expected it to be. It was easy read, and it will fill you with emotions. Everything from anger, (mostly towards Danny) to love, hope. To me, this was an unique idea, a cupid who falls in love with a girl who loves someone else, which was all because of him. Where else have you read a novel like that? It was unexpected especially for Aaryn, falling in love with Karma wasn’t what he had in plans. I was happy for that because Karma deserved someone like Aaryn, not like Danny. I couldn’t figure out what she saw in him. There was part of me that wondered, if because Aaryn shot her and now Danny, if it was actually cause of that. There was also another part that saw how Karma was with Danny and way that she always seemed to come to his defense, despite how he acted. Karma refused to see the truth, he didn’t love her, and not way that she loved him. He was controlling and how he got angry for simple things. She was in abusive relationship and it seemed like only Karma didn’t realize it. There wasn’t a single moment when I liked Danny. I couldn’t. I dealt with guys like him before and I couldn’t find myself to like him. I mostly wanted him out of Karma’s life.

Aaryn you can’t help but love him. Despite how he messed up by shooting that arrow at Karma and not Danny, he was the guy that Karma needed. He was caring, friendly and actually found a way to help her out when Danny seemed to bail out every chance that he got. I wish that Karma realized it sooner that she had, that Aaryn was one that she needed, that she loves. If only all guys were as caring as Aaryn was. I thought that having book from both point view of Aaryn and Karma gave readers a better chance to connect with both characters, to be able to sense their emotions and it made the connection between Aaryn and Karma that much real. Every interaction between the two of them, as a reader you couldn’t help but wonder what would happen between two of them next. Would they end up together? Would Aaryn go back? I wanted for Karma to realize that Danny is not worth it, after everything that he put her through, she deserved happiness.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I felt as if the ending wasn’t complete. Just the way it ended, I felt like there should been something more than that. Maybe it was just me. There were so many emotions in this book, and of course you couldn’t help it but feel sorry for Karma. Which comes to second awesome thing, Karma’s name. Considering what she went through in the past year, I felt the name fit her perfectly. I never came across name like hers and I loved that about it. ARROWS will have you turning page when you open the book till you reach the end. Even afterwards when you get to the end of the book, you be curious. You will find yourself asking, What happens next? It’s an enjoyable, fun, light read. Plus it has Greek Mythology which is one of my favorites genres.

A magical debut novel.


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