Jul 1, 2019

When You Are Near (Brookstone Brides,#1)

when you are near.
Brookstone Brides, #1
 tracie peterson.

Publisher Bethany House Publishers.
Publication Date: March 5,2019.
Genre: Historical Romance| Western.
 Format|Pages: Hardcover|448.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


After her father's death, Lizzy Brookstone, the star trick rider of the all-female Brookstone Wild West Extravaganza, takes over management of the traveling show. In her new role, she has to work with both Wesley DeShazer, the man who once broke her heart, and Jason Adler, her financial partner. Soon, she finds herself torn between the two men.

Ella Fleming is fleeing a forced betrothal when she stows away on the Brookstone train. Lizzy finds her and gives her a job in the costume department, but Ella has a secret that could affect all of their lives, as well as the future of the Brookstone Extravaganza.

When Mary Reichert, a former sharpshooter for the show, learns that her brother, August, has been killed, she refuses to believe it was an accident. She returns to the show to find the truth, but is she seeking justice or vengeance?

As the three women work together to discover how August died, Lizzy strives to hold the show together. Can she keep the Brookstone Extravaganza alive without losing the desire of her heart? 


You know by now that I am big historical fiction fan, and after reading WHEN YOU ARE NEAR I am even a bigger fan that I was previously. WHEN YOU ARE NEAR was different from other historical fiction novels that I read this year, and in a good way. I loved it that it was different. I also loved the fact that Wild West Show is featured in the book, which is something that I had always been fascinated with, western books in general. I haven’t read a western book in about a years, and once I started WHEN YOU ARE NEAR ,I remembered why I loved it so much. Besides this book wasn’t just a western but it also had romance with some suspense mixed. I came across this series while looking for some more historical fiction books and came across this one, so I got it at the library and I am glad that I did. From the minute that I started reading it, I found myself turning the pages hours later. How could I not? It had everything that I love about books like these.

If I were asked to pick a favorite character, I don’t think that I would be able to. All of the characters were unique in their own way. Expect for Jefferson and Ella’s father, I had bad feeling about two of them from start. Once I found out what they done to August, I knew that there was no way that I could like them. I cannot imagine how Mary felt like, knowing what happened and not able to do anything about it. If it were me in that situation, I don’t think that I would be able to handle it. I hated how scared they made Ella feel, they are the reason that she ran away. From moment that she ran away, I feared that they would come back and force her to go back with them. I was so happy that she had so many amazing people that were willing to protect her from them. My heart broke for Ella, of how scared she was, and I am glad that she finally told Mary, she needed to know. I loved how they took her in, and protected her. They treated her as she was part of family.

You could tell from start that it was Wes that Lizzy loved, just by way she acted and how she felt when she was around him. When I started reading the book, I assumed that it was Jason that she would end up with at some point. I could tell that he liked her from start, the way he kept wanting be around her, spend time with her. As time passed, I realized that she didn’t feel anything for her, considering how hard she tried to avoid him. I saw how differently she acted around Wesley. I didn’t like how pushy Jason was, even when he realized that she was in love with Wesley. I do know, that this is not a fight that Jason will win, her heart belong to Wes. I loved the two of them. I rooted for two of them together, and I hoped Jason would get the hint and leave her alone. Once I finished the book, I couldn’t help but wonder what will happen to them after. WHEN YOU ARE NEAR is a first book that I read by TRACIE PETERSON and now I cannot wait to read Mary’s story in WHEREVER YOU GO .

A series that I highly recommended to any historical fiction, romance, western fans.


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