Jan 15, 2018

Cover Reveal :Confession Of A Clubwhore by J.J Marstead.


AUTHOR : J.J Marstead
COVER DESIGN: Just Write Creations.
RELEASE DATE: 02.14.2018
They say 'clubwhores' are only good for one thing...
Mandy, a girl with the reputation of a clubwhore but she's actually quite the opposite.
She likes sex, that's a given.
But she doesn't want just anyone though.
She has her eyes on a sexy badass biker named Dante.
He's tall, tattooed, and dripping with sin.
He's also the president of the Rogue Devils MC.
Dante's more than willing to fuck anything that walks by, but when it comes to Mandy, he avoids her like the plague.
What is she going to do to get him to finally see her?

You don't want to miss out on this confession!

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