Apr 9, 2016

The Light Of The World.

the light of the
Ellen Simpson.

Publisher :Ylva Publishing.
Publication Date:December 2,2015
Genre: YA LGBT Romance|Fantasy  
Format|Pages: Digital|357.
 Source: Received digital copy from Netgalley.

At the back of her grandmother’s closet lies a mystery.

After her grandmother’s death, Eva finds a series of diaries detailing the life of a girl caught up in the magic of the Roaring Twenties. She cannot reconcile the young girl in these diaries with the miserable old woman she loved so fiercely. What happened to change her grandmother so drastically?

Eva starts to investigate the puzzle her grandmother left behind. With the help of a local historian and his enigmatic assistant Olivia, they find a forgotten labyrinth under the city streets. But they are not the only ones down there. Someone else is searching for the light of the world.

*I received digital copy from publisher through Netgalley, in exchange for review* 


What an astonishing, beautiful novel.

THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD is my type of a novel; it has mystery, suspense, love and fantasy in the mix which made it more fascinating to read. When I first came across it on Netgalley I had a feeling that it would end up being one of those novels that I would fall in love with. I did, I loved it from a minute that I picked up, because afterwards I couldn’t put it down till I reached the end. It’s an unusual love story, most of all because most of it was based around Evas’s grandmother’s diary entries after her death. Just like Eva, I got engaged into those entries like Eva did, and I wanted to figure out the mystery, I wanted to know who this Wren was and what happened to her, as much as Eva did. There was so much mystery and suspense that surrounded Mary’s old diary entries. It caused Eva to discover part of her grandmother that she wasn’t aware of. I felt like I went on this journey of discovery, along with Eva. I had a feeling that I was there with Eva, reading the entries along with her and getting sucked into her grandmother’s secrets that I wanted to recover.

Of course like Eva I loved reading Mary’s entries, I felt myself getting so into Mary’s story like Eva did and at same time wondering if there was more between Wren and Mary than a friendship. The bond that two of them seemed to have, just like Eva I had a feeling that there was more than friendship. It would also make sense about the moods that her grandmother would get on occasion, because of what happen to Wren. It was like she couldn’t get over her first love. It like the light went out of her, just like her grandmother kept telling her for most of her life. Even though I loved the relationship between Mary & Wren, I loved one that Eva and Olivia had even more. The relationship that two of them was different, you could tell that there was something there, but yet it felt like Liv was afraid to act upon those feelings, and it made sense why that is later on. I could tell that Liv had a big effect on Eva right from a start, and I had myself wishing they would get together and of course that kiss towards end, had me smiling because I knew that it was what they been waiting for all this time.

The suspense, mystery and fantasy added into mix, made the story come alive. Despite THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD being a fictional novel, it felt real to me, every single page and every single chapter. Olivia, Eva and Al surrounded by the mystery of her grandmother, and finding out who Wren was and of course The Light of the World who Theo seemed obsessed over most of his life. Of course it made me curious about as well. Even though I had a feeling that Liv was hiding something, especially way that she would distance herself sometimes; I never imagined that she would be part of it. She surprised like she surprised Eva. The action and suspense in this novel was amazing and so vivid that I could actually picture everything that was going on. I still can’t get the story out of my mind. I keep wondering what will come for them after. I ale ready have feeling that ELLEN SIMPSON would be an author that I am going read for years to come. I can’t wait to see what adventures she comes up with next.


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