Apr 21, 2016

Race Girl (The Go Girls Chronicles,#3)

race girl.
Go Girls Chronicles,#3
leigh hutton..

Publisher  Leigh Hutton Books.
Publication Date: April 3,2016
Genre:YA Contemporary Romance|Sports
Format|Pages:  Digital| 400.
 Source: Recieved Digitial Copy from Netgalley|Publisher.

Tully Athens has always dreamed of following in the footsteps of her hero Michelle Payne. Of living up to the Athens name and becoming the third generation of women from her family to rule the track. But Tully’s never been sure she’s got the nerve, and when her mother is killed in a horse racing accident, her whole world is shattered.

Six months later, in the heat of a Queensland summer, sixteen-year-old Tully is ready to face her fears. But getting back in the saddle leads to a whole lot more than she bargained for, with an out of control crush on the boy from their rival thoroughbred farm – the gorgeous but cocky larrikin Brandon Weston – and a forgotten filly with stardom in her eyes . . .

When faced with the most difficult decision of her life, will Tully choose to train and race her new filly in Melbourne? Or will she sacrifice it all to fight for love on the land that feeds her soul?

It’s only when tragedy rips everything from her that Tully finds a strength and courage she never knew she had, in this action-packed novel of passion, adventure and determination. 

I received this book from Netgalley, in exchange of honest review. 


RACE GIRL was a first novel that I have read by, LEIGH HUTTON and I wasn’t even aware that it was part of a series at first, but now that I do, I am eager to check out the rest of book in the series. Have you ever come across a novel and in instant that you started to read it, you feel in love with the characters, and they become real to you? That’s was the case with me while I read this novel, especially Tully & Brandon, I thought of them as if they were my own friends. After reading RACE GIRL I had myself wishing that I came across this author sooner, but after this I do plan on checking out rest of her books. I couldn’t get enough of this book and I was glad that I got a chance to read this book, this is type of book I find myself going back to and reading in the future. There is so much going on in this book that you can’t help but find yourself on edge of your seat, unable to put it down because you are eager to see what is going to come next. I ended up reading that book till midnight last night, just so I could finish it. One more chapter turned to six more.

I had always loved horses, I had never raced horses but I did ride those couple times. I also have a cousin who used to race horses. To me, they are such beautiful creatures. I have read novels about horses in the past, but nothing like this. Even though I knew a bit about horses before reading the book, I knew nothing about jockey horse racing, I just seen it in movies. After reading RACE GIRL I feel like I learned so much more, it’s more than I knew before. While reading the book, I even found myself cheering for Tully, especially when she was racing in Melbourne Cup, she had worked so hard and I hoped that she will finally accomplish her dream. Despite what happened before she got there, she made it there and that thought had me smiling, she had accomplished what she had wanted it all these years. She didn’t give up.

Brandon Weston was her biggest support system, besides her friends and her aunt. I feel like she made it as far as she did, because of him. Despite the obstacles that they two of them went through, and later the distance. He’s the one who convinced his father at the end, to let Tully ride in Melbourne cup. I could tell that the two of them loved one another, despite his father trying keep them apart, in the end they had made it through. Especially considering that her father was against her riding, and I can’t blame him what happened to his wife, but he could at least been a bit supportive. It’s too bad that he didn’t realize it till was too late. What happened to him was terrible, I cried along with Tully. First her mother than her father, I can’t even imagine how she must felt during that time. Luckily she had an amazing support system. I loved how she was with horses, how much she loved them and tried to take care of them.

RACE GIRL is a beautiful, touching story about love, acceptance, second chances and following your dreams. A story that will stay with you.


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