Apr 14, 2016

Castle In The Sand.

castle in the sand.
Jeannie moon

Publisher : Kindle Worlds.
Publication Date:April 14,2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance. 
Format|Pages: Digital ARC
 Source: Received digital ARC Copy from publisher.

Josie DeMarco moved to Mimosa Key three years ago to escape the scandalous heartbreak that destroyed her life. She has a job and friends she loves on the idyllic island off the coast of Florida, but her world is turned upside down when Tony Granville seeks her help to escape the relentless paparazzi stalking him.

As Prince Anton Edward, heir to the throne of a small European nation, Tony can’t lead a normal life with the responsibilities of his title, and the constant scrutiny of his father, King Edward, hanging over him. But when Tony is back with Josie, the only woman he’s ever loved, he realizes he’s willing to give up his crown to be with her. What he doesn’t know is if she would give up the life she’s made for herself to be with him.

I received digital copy from publisher, in exchange of honest review.


This was a first novel that I read by JEANNIE MOON and it won’t be last, I couldn’t get enough of Josie and Tony’s story. There were so much tension that was happening between two of them, you couldn’t help but wonder what was going to happen next. What had captured my attraction about this story was cover, the title and of course a description. A prince, you couldn’t help but wonder what’s the story there, and from the moment that I read description for CASTLE IN THE SAND I found myself hooked to that point, and the two of them together in the same house, I had a feeling that it could mean nothing but bad news, especially considering that the two of them have a history, even if nobody was aware of that. Now, the title CASTLE IN THE SAND how can you not love that title? How can you not wonder about it? That was actually the first what captured my attention and made me curious about the novel, and now that I read it, it fits the story perfectly.

Josie and Tony’s relationship was one that you found yourself rooting for, from the start of the book. From moment that Josie’s brother Nick brought Tony, to hide him out from the press, and moment that he saw Josie, there was tension between two of them right away, I don’t know how Nick didn’t see it, how he didn’t figure out. I didn’t blame him for being angry when he did find out, but I feel like he went a bit overboard with it. Should he had been happy that his sister finally found someone that she could be happy with? I did wonder how long it would take Josie before she realized that all this time it was Tony that she loved, and it was him that she should be with. I wondered how long it would take her till she finally gave in. I could tell that after all this time, there were still something between two of them, that the two of them still loved one another. I loved fact that Tony was willing to give up his title, just so he can be with her. Now that’s real love.

The ending, even I didn’t see that coming. Last thing I expected was for Josie to become a queen or to agree to it. At the same time I was happy for two of them, because they could finally be together, I found myself smiling. The two of them finally found their happily after. As I reached the end, I couldn’t help but wonder what is going to happen to them next, how Josie would handle being a royalty, I can’t begin to imagine how challenging it be transport from normal live to royalty. I’m so grateful that I got to read this break taking love story. I can’t wait to see what other stories JEANNIE MOON came up with.

A beautiful novel about friendship, love and second chances. You will fall in love.


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