Jul 19, 2015

Shop On Blossom Street(Blossom Street,#1)

Shop on blossom street

Blossom Street,#1

debbie macomber

Publication Date:May 1,2010
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Source:Goodreads| Library.

Bestselling romance author and ardent knitter Debbie Macomber combines both her skills in this novel about a newly opened Seattle yarn shop and the knitting class that brings four women together to make baby blankets. The owner of the shop and her three students produce more than blankets, knitting together bonds of solidarity, friendship, love, hope, and renewal. The book even includes the pattern for the blanket, which was created by premier knitting designer Ann Norling.

When Lydia Hoffman, a cancer survivor and owner of A Good Yarn, starts a knitting class for her patrons, she forms a special friendship and bond with three extraordinary women--Jacqueline, Carol, and Alix--and together they share laughter, heartbreak, and dreams. 


I have heard about Debbie Macomber from a friend at work, she loved her work and talked about her few times, and I decided to check her out. I came across Store on Blossom Street at the library and it was first book that I have read by her and I am glad that I picked it up. Have you ever came across an author and minute you read book , knowing you will love it? That was feeling that I got from moment that I picked up novel, I could tell why so many others love Macomber, and I knew that this wouldn’t be the last book I read by her. Not only did I love the characters but they story it, it wasn’t like the other romance stories that I have read in the past. I never knitted but my mom has and I thought it was interesting approach how it brought those women close together. By end of the book all of them had become a tight group, friends.

I loved that it was told from point view of Lydia, Jacqueline, Carol and Alix, it felt like I was reading 4 different stories. Those four women were so different, each one with issues of their own, and yet they found a way to come to each other, be there for one another. Now that’s a friendship that will last for years to come. All four of them had dramatically changed since beginning of the book, I could tell by the way that they were acting and how they were with one another. For instance Jacqueline and Alix I never imagined the two of them becoming friends, there were days that I was sure that two of them kill each other. I was as surprised as Jacqueline was when she came to her rescue. I was glad that two of them were able put past behind them. Lydia overcame another cancer scare and actually formed a relationship with her sister, which I didn’t think would happen.

The women’s stories were filled with so much emotion, especially Carol’s story. I was starting to wonder if it would happen, and yet again Alix to rescue once again. I believe that out of all, she was the most improvement from all of characters, by end of the novel you can’t help but love her. Store On Blossom Street had me going through multiple emotions and it was impossible to put down because I wanted to see what would happen to them all. It was something I was wondering even after I reached the end. A breathtaking journey. Unforgettable stories.


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