Jul 25, 2015

Love Fortunes And Other Disasters.

love fortunes & other disasters.

Kimberly kARALIUS.

Publisher Swoon Reads.
Publication Date:May  12,2015
Genre:YA Contemporary Romance |Fantasy.


In the tradition of Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic, one girl chooses to change her fortune and her fate by falling in love.

Love is real in the town of Grimbaud, and Fallon Dupree has dreamed of attending high school there for years. After all, generations of Duprees have successfully followed the (100% accurate!) love fortunes from Zita’s famous Love Charms Shop to happily marry their high school sweethearts. It’s a tradition. So she is both stunned and devastated when her fortune states that she will NEVER find love.

Fortunately, Fallon isn’t the only student with a terrible love fortune, and a rebellion is brewing. Fallon is determined to take control of her own fate—even if it means working with a notorious heartbreaker like Sebastian.

Will Fallon and Sebastian be able to overthrow Zita’s tyranny and fall in love? 


Now that’s a spin on love story that I never came across before. What an imaginative world I just came from or at least that’s how it felt like. I read a lot of love stories through years with their own spins, but I never came across a story like Love Fortunes And Other Disasters . That’s an author that has an imagination, who would thought a Love Charm Shop that tells others what their future love would be like? Catch is, that not all the fortunes have a happily ever after. A fantasy love story but not just a love story but deal with magic, friendship. It’s not your typical love story. I heard about Love Fortunes And Other Disasters from Swoon Reads and after reading this story, I am tempted to submitted my own manuscript to the site. I couldn’t get enough of this story, from moment I found what they were up to, I wondered if they would succeeded and I hoped that they would. You will fall in love with the characters and you find yourself rooting for them to succeed, reading late into night like I did. You will be craving for more afterwards.

I loved Fallon from start of the book; she’s type of character that you can see yourself being friends with in real life. As for Sebastian I had mixed feelings about in the first few chaplets in book, kind of like Fallon did. I didn’t like him at first, mostly because of way that he treated the girls, like he didn’t even care if he hurt them, once he had his fun with them, which was it. That why I was surprised to see him in the club that others appeared in due to their bad fortunes and it did make me wonder what his fortune said. I knew that it must be bad enough that he wanted take Zita down, to end it once and for all. More I read of the story, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Sebastian especially when I saw how much he started changing. I could tell that he was falling for Fallon and that’s why I was confused why he kept on pushing her away anytime where they got to more than friendship territory. There was a special connection between two of them, even if Fallon didn’t want to admit to it. What she did for him, only a true love would. I loved the scenes between two of them, it had me smiling most of time.

I loved that it didn’t just deal with love, but with magic as well. Those are my two favorite things to read about. Love Fortunes And Other Disasters had different type of magic than I usually read about. It mostly dealt with Fortunes and Charms instead of actual magic. An Unique idea for a love story and that’s why I couldn’t pull myself away from it. I wanted to see if they would be able to find Zita and finally put stop to all love fortunes once and for all. I was cheering for them all through the way. And in end it seems that everyone got their happily ever after, even Nico that was one that surprised me most of all. Despite the book being a fantasy, it felt real to me, maybe the way that it was described and filled with emotion. I imagined it actually happening while I read it. Kimberly Karalius is an author that is going go a long way, an author that I am looking forward to next adventure. Beautifully written. A Magical adventure that you won’t forget.


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