Jul 25, 2015

How(Not)To Fall In Love.

how(not)to fall in love.

lisa brown roberts.

Publisher Entangled: Teen
Publication Date:February 3,2015
Genre:YA Contemporary Romance

Seventeen-year-old Darcy Covington never had to worry about money or where her next shopping spree was coming from. Even her dog ate gourmet. Then one day, Darcy’s car is repossessed from the parking lot of her elite private school. As her father’s business hit the skids, Dad didn’t just skip town, he bailed on his family.

Fortunately, Darcy’s uncle owns a thrift shop where she can hide out from the world. There’s also Lucas, the wickedly hot fix-it guy she can’t stop crushing on, even if she’s not sure they’ll ever get out of the friend zone.

But it’s here among the colorful characters of her uncle’s world that Darcy begins to see something more in herself… if she has the courage to follow it.


Heartfelt story about family, love and changes. Did you ever come across a book that when you picked it up you knew it was the one you would enjoy? How (Not) To Fall In Love was that story for me. The second I came across the book and read the summary, I was addicted, and that is the books that you won’t get out of your mind even when you reach the ending. I had read few debut authors this past year but How (Not) To Fall In Love was one of my favorites out of all others that I came across so far. What I enjoyed about this particular novel was that it wasn’t just about romance, it had a lot about family and the way it was written, it felt real. The situation that Darcy was dealing with is one I can see happening in real life. A type of books that will keep the reader attention that’s for sure.

Darcy: Have you ever came across a character that you can’t help but love? Darcy was that character for me from the beginning of the book to the end. That’s one tough character, she had deal with so much, her father disappearance, her mother’s drinking. A teen shouldn’t have to deal with something like that, especially not on her own. I don’t think she would made it as far as she did, not without her uncle and of course not without Lucas. I believe if it wasn’t for support that they gave her, she wouldn’t made it as far as she did, she would had a breakdown long before she actually did. It’s clear how much Darcy cared about her father, despite the situation that he left them in when he left. I loved that she wouldn’t give up, not till she found him and made sure that he was okay. How can you not love a character like that? By end of the book I loved her more. She was one of characters who changed most by the end of book.

Of course how can you not love Lucas and Darcy together? Any reader can see that there is tension and a connection between two of characters right from start, just the way that two of them acted around each other. At first I couldn’t actually tell what Lucas though of her, I had feeling that he was sure that she was a spoiled rich girl. As book progressed I saw the signs that Lucas considered her more than friend, which he grew to care about her. I loved that their relationship didn’t go fast like most of novels that I have read tend to be. Lucas & Darcy’s relationship had time to develop and that made it feel more realistic. I was rooting for the two of them all through the book, I wanted for them to be together. Lucas was there for her through it all. I love the family aspect of it as well. It was an emotional story but worth every single page.


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