Jun 4, 2015

Uninvited (Uninvited,#1)



sophie jordan.

Publisher Feiwel & Friends
Publication Date: January28,2014
Genre:YA Dystopian Fantasy | Romance.


The Scarlet Letter meets Minority Report in bestselling author Sophie Jordan's chilling new novel about a teenage girl who is ostracized when her genetic test proves she's destined to become a murderer.

When Davy Hamilton's tests come back positive for Homicidal Tendency Syndrome (HTS)-aka the kill gene-she loses everything. Her boyfriend ditches her, her parents are scared of her, and she can forget about her bright future at Juilliard. Davy doesn't feel any different, but genes don't lie. One day she will kill someone.

Only Sean, a fellow HTS carrier, can relate to her new life. Davy wants to trust him; maybe he's not as dangerous as he seems. Or maybe Davy is just as deadly. 


I heard of author before, but haven’t had a chance to check her books out. Once I came across Uninvited while I was at library, I was wondering why I haven’t checked her books out earlier. The kill gene? How can that not be unique and interesting to read about? It was unlike any other dystopian books that I read thought the years, unexpected. I have read few mixed reviews about the book, the series so at first I didn’t have high expectations about the novel. Once I read the book I was glad that I had picked up the novel. Uninvited had everything that I love about books like these, action, suspense, mystery and of course romance. Complicated love. I was glad that I decided to check book out despite the mixed reviews on it. Once again it became the book that I feel in love with and couldn’t put down, no matter how hard I tried. It will take your breath away.

Davy: Don’t you love that name? I know that I do, it’s not a name that you hear often and I think that it fits her well. I couldn’t help but love her, right from start, even before she got HTS. She went through so much, I don’t think that I would been able to handle all of that if I was in her situation. Being outcast because of kill gene, put in separate classroom, getting attacked, how could anyone survive that? Though she might not have if not for Sean and Mitchell by her side. I loved how her brother was still by her side, despite her having kill gene. Even Zac and Tori ditched her. Davy went a long way and changed quite bit towards the end. By end she was no longer she used be, she was a fighter, a survivor.

I wanted to like Zac, and in way I hoped that he stay on her side. He seemed like he was so in love with her. I guess maybe he didn’t love her like I though he did. I liked two of them together, but that was till Sean came along. I could see that there was some sort of connection between two of them, from moment that they had met, but couldn’t quite figure out what it was. As book progressed, I could tell that Sean cared about Davy as much as she did about him, he just refused to accept it, instead he just pushed her away. In a way I could understand why. While the book progressed, I could feel the tension, the attraction growing between two of them, I just wondered when they would figure out. When they did, I found myself smiling. Then wondering what was going happen between them next, would they last?

Uninvited is a book filled with a lot action, suspense. I was turning pages, late into the night. Once I reached the end, I picked up Unleashed right after. An author worth checking out. The story will take you on thrilling adventure, one you won’t forget.


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