Aug 15, 2018

The Impossibility Of Us.

the impossibility of us.
 katy upperman. 

Publisher  Swoon Reads.
Publication Date: July 31,2018.
Genre:YA  Contemporary Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|305.
 Source:  Goodreads|Bought.


The last thing Elise wants is to start her senior year in a new town. But after her brother’s death in Afghanistan, she and her mother move from San Francisco to a sleepy coastal village.

When Elise meets Mati, they quickly discover how much they have in common. Mati is new to town too, visiting the U.S. with his family. Over the course of the summer, their relationship begins to blossom, and what starts out as a friendship becomes so much more.

But as Elise and Mati grow closer, her family becomes more and more uncomfortable with their relationship, and their concerns all center on one fact—Mati is Afghan. 


My heart, my emotions. I knew that this book would be emotional. I didn’t not prepare myself enough on how emotional. I cried along with Elise, with Mati, I felt angry of how Elise family treated him. I felt all the emotions that both Mati and Elise felt. I loved KATY UPPERMAN KISSING MAX HOLDEN that’s when two of us met and ended up becoming friends. THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF US was different from her debut novel, but in a good way. A story that deals with very hard subject, a story that you will fall in love with. I knew that it would be a story that I would love only after reading couple pages. I couldn’t, no I didn’t want to stop turning the pages. I was caught up in Mati and Elise’s story, I was curious about them. There was part of me that hoped that two of them would find a way to be together, that Elise family would accept him. I felt horrible, sad for Mati on how he was treated, how others judged him because he was from Afghanistan. Fact that Elise tried to prove to her mother and sister in law how different he was. I understand that both were all basing it on fact that Nick died in Afghanistan, and they only reason they judged him. Of course, that doesn’t make it right. I know that they couldn’t be together because of that.

I saw connection between Mati and Elise from start. I do believe that Mati helped Elise, deal with the sudden move easier. I’m pretty sure that she didn’t plan to fall in love. I did see her have her hesitation when she found he was Afghan. At same time, I know the reason she ran away is because it reminded her of her brother Nick, of his death. I was glad that she decided to go back and to apologize to him. I hated how her family tried to keep them apart, I understood why they did but that didn’t make it right. I feel that Elise’s friendship and relationship with Mati tore the family apart, they seemed to drift a bit apart because of it. That made me sad that it came to that. I wish that they could see that he was different and see how happy it made Elise. To them that didn’t matter, they didn’t even want to give him a chance. I can’t even begin to imagine how Mati must felt. He got jumped because of who he was. If it were me, I would leave so that I didn’t have to deal with it, with all the hate. I loved fact that it didn’t stop Mati and Elise from seeing each other, from being with one another. Despite how their families felt about it. The two of them, they didn’t give up. To me, that’s real love.

I have read few books that were written in free verse. I loved that Mati’s point of view was written in Free Verse. It felt like a poetry, a beautiful poetry. I loved reading from his point of view, it made me understand his thoughts, his feeling much more. Writing from point of view from both Elise and Mati’s point of view worked so well. I think that reading from both of their feelings, it helps you connect with both of characters. I felt as I could feel what they were feeling. THE INPOSSIBILITY OF US I had this strong feeling like I became part of their story. When I reached the end of the story, I felt sad as I was saying goodbye to long time friends. Mati and Elise were my favorite characters but I also loved Ryan and Xavier, they are type of people that I would love to be friends with. The type of friends that I could go to if I needed to. Bambi, don’t you just love that name? I Love Disney movies and that happens be one of my favorites. Of course Janie too, how can you not love her? In general, I loved most of the character’s in book, including Mati’s father. Plus the cover, isn’t it stunning, and the title, it fits the story so well.

A beautiful, heart aching love story. I can’t stop thinking about it. KATY UPPERMAN did it again. I can tell already that she will be an author that everyone will love, will talk about. I’m already excited what she will come up with next. I can’t wait to see what adventures she will lead us on next.


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