Aug 6, 2018

The Complication (The Program, #6)

the complication.
The Program, #6
 suzanne young.

Publisher  Simon Pulse.
Publication Date: April 24,2018
Genre:YA Fantasy |Romance
Format|Pages: Hardcoverr|464.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Every cure has a cost.

Tatum Masterson learned this after years of being monitored by The Program. She witnessed it when her boyfriend, Wes, came back changed, erased. And now, even the newest “cure” has a heavy cost—one she and Wes paid.

The Adjustment came into Tatum’s life just when she thought she needed it most, a promise for Wes to get back his forgotten memories. But when the procedure went wrong, a revelation shattered everything Tatum thought she knew.

Now, with no one left to trust, Tatum must find out what really happened last summer. And with the help of the boyfriend she lost, Tatum will have to dig into the past and future of The Program and its handlers.

And discover the true cost of a cure. 

I fell in love with the series when I read THE PROGRAM back in 2014, and it was the first book that I read by SUZANNE YOUNG . I fell in love with all the characters, the storyline and I loved how different set of characters were featured in the books. I’m sad that the series is over, because there is part of me that feels that I became part of their world and I know it’s fictional but that’s how these books touched me. Ever since reading the first book, SUZANNE YOUNG became one of my favorite authors and The Program one of my favorite series. THE COMPLICATION was an remarkable ending to a breathtaking series. I know for fact that this is a series that I won’t forget, I even recommended it to my best friend. There is a lot going on through the series and you will get hooked from the first book until the last one. I’m positive that this is going to be a series that I am going to re – read few times in the future. I am still smiling at the ending. James and Sloane, I loved them from the beginning and I’m so happy that the two of them got their happily ever after. With everything that the two of them had to go through, they deserved it.

I loved Wes and Tatum ever since I read THE ADJUSTMENT and I rooted for them to find their way back to each other. Those two, just like James and Sloane, they belonged together. I hated the fact how the others tried to keep them apart. I was hoping that once again that they find they way to one another again. Even though Wes memory was erased, he still attached himself to Tatum, as if he knew or at least part of his brain knew. I wish that Tatum didn’t lie to him when Wes asked about their past relationship, and I understand why she did it. I also knew if Wes found out he would be hurt. What the two of them had was love. Despite what others told them, how they tried to keep them apart. In the end they were always there for one another, their love for one another was always there. I love that the two of them could finally be together. I think that being with each other is one of things that truly made the two of them happy. I’m glad they could finally be with each other.

I loved that all the characters made appearance in the last book. I wasn’t expecting that so it was a nice surprise. It made the series come together so much better. I loved the ending, the one with James and Sloane. A beautiful, happy ending. I was smiling and crying at the same time. There is still part of me that doesn’t want to say goodbye. There wasn’t a single book in the series that I didn’t love. Each book had me craving for more. Ever since the beginning I did wonder how it was going to end. There were a lot unexpected twists through the series. I know I should be used to it when it comes to this series. Yet, the twist in THE COMPLICATION was the one that even I did not see coming. I was in shock just like Tatum was. To find that your whole life is not what you were told. How do you move past that? How do you forgive? But I know that with Wes, her friends and I know that her grandparents love her. The way they were always there for her, and would do anything for her, I know that they love her and Tatum knows that. This book, the series had me going through a lot of emotions. I was on edge of my seat until the end.

The Program is a series that I will recommend to everyone. You won’t regret it. You will fall in love. Once you finish it, you will want to re-read it all over again. A beautiful, thrilling story that will always stay with you.


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