Aug 25, 2018


 michelle madow. 

Publisher  Dreamscape Publishing.
Publication Date: February 9,2017.
Genre: YA Science Fiction| Romance.
Format|Pages: EBook|310
 Source:  Goodreads|Owned.


I should have died when I was shot at the Halloween dance.

Instead I woke up—one week earlier, in a parallel universe where my mom's fatal car accident six months ago never happened.

A world with my mom still in it was all I ever wanted. But in this timeline, everything is different—my grades, my friends, and even my boyfriend. I'm a stranger in my own body, and I don’t like who I’ve become.

But one thing is the same—that shooting will still happen at the end of the week.

I'm the only one who knows. Which means I'm the only one who can stop it.

But first I need to convince someone—anyone—that I’m telling the truth... and then get them to help me


That ending, it can’t really be the ending, can it? It has me craving for more. I knew that she was conflicted between going back and staying at first. At same time, I was sure that she decides to go back, to her family, friends. This wasn’t the ending that I saw coming. I feel that there has be more after an ending like that. I do kind of understand why she choose to stay, so she could be with her mother, she was afraid of losing her again. But what about rest of her family, her friends? I can’t even begin to imagine what they must be going through at that moment. There is part of me that wonders, that she would change her mind. I finished COLLIDE not that long ago, but I can’t seem to get out of my mind. I want to know what happens after, I kept on wondering about it. I couldn’t get enough of this story, every page was filled with suspense that kept you wondering what will happen next. How will it end?

I read few books about time travel before, It’s one of my favorite stories to read about. I feel that it filled with a lot of suspense and there is always something happening. COLLIDE wasn’t any different, it hooked from the start and I found myself unable to stop turning the pages. I enjoyed that it was different from the other books that I have read. Like Anna I was confused how it happened, how she ended up in parallel universe and like her, it made me wonder what happened to her at the shooting, was she shot? Was she killed? And if she was, how did she end up alive in this one? I did wonder if the reason that she ended in this one was to stop the shooting or at least found out who started shooting so the person can be stopped. COLLIDE had me on the edge of my seat from start until the end of the book, and even them I was still on edge of the seat, especially after an ending like that. How could I not be?

Zac and Jake I was conflicted between these too, I liked them both. I know, even with Jake not being completely honest with Anna. I was between, She loves him and Zac is right here . I know that both of them loved Anna in their own way. I think I would been happy either way. I would been happy if she ended up with Jake and happy if it was Zac that she choose. Of course I couldn’t help but wonder who she would end up choosing. I don’t think I would be able to choose if I was asked which was my favorite one. I did feel bad for Zac, he loved her. I can’t even imagine loving someone but them not having memory of relationship. I could tell how much he loved her. The way that he was around her and the way that he helped her. Now that Anna decided to stay, what about Zac? Would that affect both sides? The story, the characters wasn’t all that I loved about this book, the cover was gorgeous. Plus, it fit the storyline so well. Just the cover itself would attract anyone’s attention.

I have been reading MICHELLE MADOW books since Remembrance and more I read, more in love I fall in love with her stories. Through the years, not only has she become one of my favorites, but also a friend. I’m so proud of her. I know that she is going be one of those authors who will be talked for years to come. Another beautifully written story.


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