Apr 19, 2015

Beautiful Lies ( Beautiful Lies, #1)


beautiful lies

Beautiful Lies,#1


Publisher CreateSpace.
Publication Date:May 1,2015
Genre:YA Contemporary Romance| Suspense.
Format|Pages:E ARC| 240.
 Source: Received ARC from author


After a tragic accident Paige Carter has spent the last year of her life falling in love with a man named Taylor.

But there are two huge problems...

One...She is already in a relationship with her boyfriend Rick.

Two...Taylor doesn't exist outside of the dreams in her head...



*Received an ARC from Sharlay in exchange for review*


From moment that I came across summary on Sharlay’s goodreads page, I was hooked by just reading the summary. It has mystery written all over it and I wanted to know, what happened to Paige? What was going to happen next. I was happy when the author provided me with an ARC. From the second that I picked up the book, I couldn’t force myself to put it down and spend most of my Saturday reading it. How could I not? After only few pages, I felt connected with Paige somehow and wanted to see what would happen with her next. Will she make it through this, and was there a reason that she dreamed about someone she didn’t know. At first I was convinced that Taylor wasn’t real, but her safety net like the doctor said. When she saw him at the gallery, I was as shocked as she was. I knew right then that there must been a reason that she dreamed of him before she met him. It was an unexpected twist.

It’s hard for me to pick who I liked more, Rick or Taylor. I loved them both. They both loved Paige and my heart broke a little for Rick once he realized that things between was over. At same time he was one who walked away but I can understand why. I can’t imagine how it must been for him, watching the girl that he loved be in love with someone else. I do hope that Rick finds happiness in future. However Taylor, I could see that the two of them had a special bond, something that Paige and Rick didn’t have. They were truly happy together. Despite what Paige found out about Taylor, it didn’t tear them apart like I was sure it would, instead it brought them closer together. I was actually smiling at the last page, I was glad to see Paige finally happy again, after everything she went through. Both of them deserved love, happiness.

Beautiful Lies was a heartbreaking, breathtaking story about Love, Loss, Second chances with bit of suspense added in the twist. My type of a story. Even after I reached the end of story, I was craving for more. I’m eager to read Liv& Gavin’s story next, I been curious what happened between two of them from moment he appeared at the funereal. Beautiful Lies is worth every page.


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