Dec 21, 2014

The Coincidence Of Callie & Kayden The (Coincidence,#1)

Coincidence Of Callie & Kayden.


Jessica sorensen.

 Publisher :Sphere
Publication Date:December 13,2012
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance
Format|Pages:EBook| 400
 Source: Bought|Goodreads.

For Kayden, suffering in silence was the only way to survive. If he was lucky, he could keep his head down, do as he was told, and make it through the day. But one night it seemed like his luck -- and his life -- might finally end... until an angel named Callie appeared just in time to rescue him.

Callie has never believed in luck. Not since her twelfth birthday when everything was taken from her. After the worst was over, she locked up her feelings and vowed never to tell anyone what happened. Now, six years later, she continues to struggle with the painful secret that threatens to consume her.

When fate lands Kayden and Callie at the same college, Kayden is determined to get to know the beautiful girl who changed his destiny. Quiet and reserved, Callie still fears letting anyone else into her world. But Kayden is certain that Callie has come back into his life for a reason. And the more he tries to be a part of her life, the more he realizes that, this time, it's Callie who needs to be saved 



Did you ever read a book that wasn’t what you expected, that you ended falling in love with. Coincidence Of Callie & Kayden was that book. It was the most intense, emotional book that I have read, considering how it ended too. As a reader you can’t help but go back to ending, just to make sure that it was actual one. I had to make sure that I was reading it right. Once I reached the ending, I was taken a back and there were so many emotions that were running through me at time. I believe that with this novel, you can’t help but feel their emotions, it’s that descriptive, that emotional. Afterwards you will find yourself thinking about the story, the characters and will find yourself picking up next book right away. I did. I wanted to find out what’s in store for both of them next. Would they make it through it all, what would happen with Kayden? There are so many questions that you find yourself wondering about afterwards. You won’t be able to stop thinking about the story.

From the moment that Callie saved Kayden from his father, I felt some sort of connection between two of them. I wasn’t sure what it was but there was something there. Maybe it was because both of them had secrets, both of them were broken in the way. You couldn’t possible not see that there was something there. I saw how hard Callie tried to fight her attraction towards Kayden, and how hard he tried to show her how much she meant to him. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how hard it was for her, considering how she felt about guys after what happened to her when she was 12. It seemed like Seth been only guy she felt safe with, till Kayden came along. As time progressed, could tell that she started feel safe with him too. I was rooting for them to find a way to be together.

One of my most favorites in book was a friendship between Seth & Callie. He’s type of friend that everyone would love to have. A great guy. He was there with Callie through so much, he didn’t judge, ask questions. He was just there. If it wasn’t for Seth, I don’t think that she would even talk to Kayden, considering how she tried avoiding him when she ran into him again. I believe that Kayden and Callie might not even bond if it wasn’t for Seth. I loved how he always knew how to calm her down, what to say to her when she got scared, freaked. The two of them have a special bond, and it made me smile every time. If only guy could be like Seth was. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for what happened to him, he didn’t deserve it. I was also glad to see two of them make other friends as well. The four of them established a strong bond pretty fast.

If I didn’t hate Kayden’s dad already, I would now. I knew that he wasn’t happy with him half of time, even I didn’t guess how far he might go. I was actually horrified when I read it. I like Kayden, his dad needs to be in jail. Simple as that. When Callie found him, my heart broke for her. Honestly, I don’t know how she dealt with so much. I would have a nervous breakdown. I could actually feel like I was feeling her emotions: Sadness, fear. This is going be one book this year that won’t be able get out of my mind, especially after that ending. I’m anxious to see what’s next for Callie & Kayden.

Coincidence Of Callie & Kayden is not an easy read, it will make go through so many emotions. Filled with quite bit of drama. Each chapter and page filled with suspence and you will find yourself craving for more. An emotional ride. Worth more than five stars. A book that you will read late into night.


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