Dec 16, 2014

Redeemed (House Of Night,#12)


House Of Night,#12.

p.c & Kristin cast.

 Publisher :St.Martin's Griffin.
Publication Date:October 14,2014
Genre:YA Paranormal Romance| Suspense.
 Source: Birthday Gift from Friend|Goodreads.

In the final electrifying novel in the HoN series, Neferet has finally made herself known to mortals. A Dark Goddess is loose on Tulsa and the world. No single vampyre is strong enough to vanquish her - unless that creature has the power to summon the elements as well as the ability to wield Old Magick.

Only Zoey Redbird is heir to such power…but because of the consequences of using Old Magick, she is unable to help. Find out who will win and who will lose in this epic battle of Light versus Darkness. 


Is it really over? It’s hard to believe that after so long, it has finally come to an end. I have seen quite few people complaining about how long it was, that Zoey annoys them. If you don’t like it, then stop reading it. That simple. For me, it was one of the best series out there. I actually re-read few of them multiple times. I own most but book 11. Redeemed wasn’t any different; it had me hooked from the start. From moment that I started reading it, I was curious how old of this would end. I was also curious if any of the gang would complete the change. Honestly I don’t see how anyone who likes vampires can’t like this book. I know that Zoey made bad decisions, but she does have a lot on her plate, a lot of responsibilities, for teen. I know that if I was in her situation, I would never been able to handle it. Zoey did annoy me few times through series, but in the end she still one of my favorite characters. She’s brave, smart and she doesn’t give up easily. I do think that she wouldn’t made it as far as she did, if it wasn’t support of friends, grandmother, Nyx. Even if Zoey is fictional character, I grew to love her and proud of her, of what she accomplished.

Kalona was one character I didn’t think I would ever like. He caused Zoey and her friends nothing but grief from moment that Neferet awakened him and he killed Heath who I loved. When he swore a warrior oath, I was bit hesitant about that, I wondered if it would actually last this time. I was like Aphrodite when it came to Kalona, I didn’t quite trust him. As I read Redeemed, those feelings actually changed and I found myself beginning to trust me and it was starting hard to like him, especially when he put himself in danger in order save others. What happened to him towards the end, I don’t wish on anyone. It seems just as I start like someone, something happens to them. I actually teared up when he was dying, how could I not. At least at end he ended being where he always wanted to, belong, with Nyx. I was beginning to wonder if Nyx would actually forgive him, I was grinning when she did. From minute they reunited you could tell that belonged with each other, I don’t know how they actually stayed away from each other that long. I was glad that they got their happy ending.

As I mentioned this before, I enjoyed reading from multiple character’s point of view, more you read and more you began understand them. Usually I end up loving them and even getting attached from them. That wasn’t case with Neferet, the more I read about her, the more I disliked her. I found myself hoping that Zoey and the gang would find a way to get rid of her for good. I was disappointed that they didn’t add Stark’s pov in mix but then he didn’t seem be as much in this book, now that was disappointing for me since he’s another favorite character of mine. When he was I could see how much he loved her and how much she loves him, the two of them, they belong together. I was both excited and sad when I reached the end. Excited because all of them got their happily after and finally made the change. Sad, because it was over and realized there would be no more adventures to look forward to. It felt like I watched them grow, learn from their mistakes. All of them faced so much together. I am going miss it all.

House Of Night was a thrilling ride for me, a story that I know I will ready again in the years to come. I loved how different it was, and the twists it had through it all. A story that I will never forget. I believe that this is one series that all vampires loves should read, give a chance. I’m glad I did.


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