Feb 14, 2013

Night Of The Loving Dead,Pepper Martin,#4.

Night Of The Loving Dead.
Pepper Martin,#4.
Casey Daniels
Publication Date:January 6,2009
Genre:Paranormal Mystery.
Format|Pages:Mass Market Paperback|291.


First of all, I love the title. This series has the most unique titles, and even if reader doesn’t read back of the book, titles would attract their attention. Night Of The Loving Dead how can you not wonder about title. It seems the more series progress, the more mysterious it gets. I seem enjoy each book more and more. I thought Night Of Loving Dead was plain amazing, it seemed like it had more action in the book that other books in series. Maybe it was me, but to me it seemed that there was more going on in this book. If you haven’t picked up Pepper Martin Mysteries, do it now. It’ll be worth your time.

Pepper Martin, heiress-turned-cemetery-tour-guide, has her hands full with work, two hotties, and the ghosts who won't let her rest --- or work, or shop --- in peace ...
The last thing Pepper wants during her Chicago business trip is more ghosts seeking her help, as they've been doing ever since she hit her head on a tombstone. Then again, being bored stiff during a seminar might actually be worse than being with bored stiffs.
The specter of Madeline --- a young woman in a lab coat --- wants Pepper's help. Before she died, Madeline worked with Dan Callahan, the sexy, mysterious doctor who once saved Pepper's life. According to Madeline, Dan's in danger.
But, little does Pepper know, there's more to the story, including a devious doctor --- and an obsessive, crazy love ...

From the Pepper Martin books I read so far, Night Of The Loving Dead been the one I re-read the most. Though I read it multiple times, I enjoy it each time. I think it’s due to fact that the book has quite bit action in this one. Also the mystery keeps the reader wondering what’s going happen next. I was curious myself when I read the first time, what’s happening, what’s happening to all of those patients. I was curious as Pepper was. I felt like I was attempting to solve this mystery with her. The details were so vivid, I actually imagined on going on this journey with Pepper. At same time I was hoping that she solve the mystery of her stalker as well.

Dan: I liked him right from start. Honestly, I was kind of hoping that he would end up Pepper, even if I have nothing against Quinn. I feel like Dan and Pepper having bit more connection, but maybe it‘s just me. I think I like the fact how mysterious he is, it’s always makes me wonder if there is possibility that he’s hiding something else. There were already certain things that he hid from Pepper. I was happy to see that Dan was more in this novel. I was surprised to find that he been married as well. At same time I was curious when he would finally come to his senses, and stop denying the attraction that he has for Pepper, which I knew he does right from beginning. I got say that Pepper and Dan made a great time when it came to solving. It’s too bad that he ended up leaving in end. I am curious if he ends up coming back, if their paths cross again. I am eager to find out if anything serious would actually happen between two of them.

I hated Madeline, right from moment she asked Pepper for help. I suspected that there was something not right about her, right from start. Even when she took Pepper’s body, I had feeling that she was up to something. I felt horrible what she did to Dan, how she used him. I was glad that she finally got what she deserved at the end. I was hoping that somehow she wouldn’t get away with what she was doing. She was also the most annoying character I came across. She asked Pepper for help, yet she was the one always complaining? I hate people like that. I know that Pepper only helped because of Dan.

I was amazed by the book and eager to find out what journey Pepper will go on next.


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