Feb 16, 2013

Dead Man Talking, Pepper Martin,#5.

Dead Man Talking.
Pepper Martin,#5.
Casey Daniels.
Publication Date:October 6,2009.
Genre:Paranormal Mystery|Adventure.

Dead Man Talking was bit different from other books in Pepper Martin series, I loved fact that a reality show theme was added to storyline, a twist that I wasn’t expecting. Cemetery Survivor, now that I show I would watch even if cemeteries are depressing. It seems that each book, Pepper seems to get herself get in more danger; it makes me afraid for her at times. Despite that, I’m curious what kind of mystery, adventure Pepper will face next.

Move over American Idol. Reality TV has come to Cleveland and Pepper Martin is a part of it!
When Pepper arrives at a down-on-its-luck cemetery to help with a restoration project she learns, to her dismay, that there’s going to be a contest to restore the cemetery grounds. Even worse—it’s going to be the basis of a local reality TV show, Cemetery Survivor. One team will be made up of genteel Historical Society ladies and the other—Pepper’s group—will be convicts on probation. Pepper Martin in day-glo? Now that’s a fashion don’t!.
There’s also a ghost waiting for Pepper. He claims he was wrongly convicted of killing a young woman. But it seems there’s quite a bit he’s not revealing. Pepper agrees to try to clear his name, but digging for the truth could put her in grave danger....

I love the covers on these books. The new covers that started come out around book 4 are even more capturing then the covers on the past books in the series. Not just the cover, the titles too. Dead Man Talking, how can that not capture your attention? The title itself has a mystery aspect to it. Even if title doesn’t capture your attention, the cover will. Way that pepper is standing there, staring into the cemetery, it makes the reader wonder what she is thinking about, or in her case what ghost she’s possibly waiting for. These covers are what got me to pick the first book and got me into series. How can you look at cover and not wonder what’s going on? It shows a lot of creativity, causing a reader to wonder about the book.

Reality Show. That’s one aspect that was different from the other books in series; I thought it was pretty interesting too. I found myself rooting for Pepper’s team till the end, even if her team was made up of felons. At first I was wondering what Jim and Ella was thinking, of making her in charge of team that made up of prisoners, I felt afraid for Pepper. But as the book progressed, I found myself warming up to them all and actually liking him. Especially when they all came together, to help Pepper with investigation, now that’s true friends right there. Even if Sammi didn’t want admit it, at first. I actually found myself tearing up when Sam ended up getting killed. I was glad that Pepper managed to make a decent amount of friends, she needed those. The friends who always have her back.

Quinn. I’m in love, but then how can you not love him? Though he’s complete opposite from Dan, I know that he cares for Pepper. I know that it’s because he cares for her, it’s the reason he wants for her to stay out of danger, it’s because he doesn’t want anything to happen to her. Despite that, I never imagined Quinn saying I love you, to anyone; it just seemed out of character for him. It was after that I realized how much Pepper meant to him. Though I wasn’t happy with how he acted when Pepper told him she talked to ghost, I could see why he acted how he did. Of course that made me afraid that it could possibly mean the end of their relationship. Though I like Dan, I still hoping that Pepper and Quinn work everything out some way. Even if Pepper didn’t say it, I know that she loves Quinn too. I can only imagine how heartbroken she is.

You can’t help but get sucked into adventures, along with Pepper. You find yourself trying to solve the mystery along with her, rooting for her till end. Once you reach the end, you’ll want pick up next book, to see what adventures she will face now. Casey Daniels has a real talent and worth your time.


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