Sep 21, 2019

The Paris Seamstress.

the paris seamstress.
natasha lester.

Publisher  Forever.
Publication Date:September 18,2018.
Genre: Historical Fiction | Romance.
Format|Pages: EBook|455.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.

1940: As the Germans advance upon Paris, young seamstress Estella Bissette is forced to flee everything she's ever known. She's bound for New York City with her signature gold dress, a few francs, and a dream: to make her mark on the world of fashion.

Present day: Fabienne Bissette journeys to the Met's annual gala for an exhibit featuring the work of her ailing grandmother - a legend of women's fashion design. But as Fabienne begins to learn more about her beloved grandmother's past, she uncovers a story of tragedy, heartbreak and family secrets that will dramatically change her own life.

"The Paris Seamstress is a gorgeously rich and romantic novel about young women finding their way in the world." -Kate Forsyth, author of Bitter Greens. 


Outstanding. Heartbreaking. Unforgettable.

Once again, so many emotions went through me while reading it. I came across THE PARIS SEAMSTRESS while browsing through the library’s digital collection, and I am glad that I did. There were days that I wished I had more time to read it, and every day I look forward to picking up again, finding out what happens next. Reading THE PARIS SEAMSTRESS , it is clear how much research put into this book. A book that made me fall in love with historical fiction more than I have been already. I loved that the story went back and forth between the 1940’s and present time, and fact that it was written from Estelle and Fabienne point of view which fit the story perfectly. I loved both of the girls in the story, but Estelle’s story fascinated me more, and I found myself that I could not put the book down. The way that it was written, and all the emotions in the story, I could feel them all and I felt as I was there along with Estelle and then Fabienne. A part of me did not want the story to end because I became so attached to the characters and the story. I have a feeling that it will be one of the books that I will go back to and re-read, in the future.

One of the things that I loved about the book was the mystery that was added to the book. Historical Fiction with mystery, now that sounds like a type of book that I would love. When Fabienne set out to find out the truth, I wondered if she would and what she would find out. I had a feeling that there was something that Estelle was not telling her granddaughter, but it wasn’t what I had expected. I was in shock. There were quite few unexpected twists through the book. I loved the twists and turns which made the book so much more interesting to read. When I came across THE PARIS SEAMSTRESS , I didn’t know what to expect since this is the first book that I have read by NATASHA LESTER , but I have seen quite few good reviews, and now that I read it, I know why. I did think the ending was a bit slow, but not for a long time. If you love historical fiction with mystery and romance in the mix, THE PARIS SEAMSTRESS is the one you should check out. Be prepared for emotional ride, but it’s worth every single page.


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