Apr 22, 2018

The Last Girl On Earth.

the last girl on earth.
 Alexandra Blogier.

Publisher  Delacorte Press.
Publication Date: January 23,2018.
Genre:YA Science Fiction|Romance
Format|Pages: Hardcover|246.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


Raised among them.>

Li has a father and a sister who love her. A best friend, Mirabae, to share things with. She goes to school and hangs out at the beach and carefully follows the rules. She has to. Everyone she knows--her family, her teachers, her friends--is an alien. And she is the only human left on Earth.

A secret that could end her life.

The Abdoloreans hijacked the planet sixteen years ago, destroying all human life. Li's human-sympathizer father took her in as a baby and has trained her to pass as one of them. The Abdoloreans appear human. But they don't think with human minds or feel with human hearts. And they have special abilities no human could ever have.

Fit in or die.

When Li meets Ryn, she's swept up in a relationship that could have disastrous consequences. How far will Li go to stay alive? Will she save herself--and in turn, the human race--or will she be the final witness to humanity's destruction? 


Aliens. Human raised among aliens. How can you not be curious about story like that? Cover, and especially the title, THE LAST GIRL ON EARTH I think that just the title itself will make any reader curious about the story. How can it not? You can’t help but wonder why she is the last girl on earth? If he secret would get discovered at one point. It made sense while her father was so strict, and trained her so hard. He didn’t want her to be discovered, he knew what would happen if she was. She would end up killed. He proved to be right, considering what happened towards the end of the book when Braxon found who she was, that she was human. I knew there was something not right about him, besides fact how he hurt Zo. Yet, at the same time I didn’t even think about how violent he could get, to get what he wanted. I am actually glad that Zo got out of that relationship when she did.

I loved the relationship that Zo and Li had, a relationship that went beyond family, they were best of friends. I loved fact that Zo didn’t care that Li was human, she loved her for who she was. They had their fights and their arguments, but in the end they were always there for each other. They wanted to protect one another. The ending when Li was leaving, my heart broke for Zo when she told her to not leave. I cried. There is a part of me that is hoping where Li can come back one day in future, where the two of them can re connect. I adored the bond that the two of them had. Poor Zo. My heart is broken for her. First Braxon betrays her and then her sister leaves. I hope she will find some happiness.

Ryn, You can’t help but love him. I loved fact that she was human didn’t scare him and didn’t change how he felt about her. I did feel like their relationship moved a bit too fast. They meet and before you knew it, they were in love. Despite that, it was cute. I loved how they cared about each other and it made me smile, to see Li happy. I knew he loved her, especially when he told her that he was coming with her when she told him that she was leaving. I did still wonder what would happen after, would the two of them remain together? Would they stay there or would they end up coming back one day? I feel like the ending leaves you handing with more questions, and makes you wonder if there could be more to a story after.

THE LAST GIRL ON EARTH is a fantasy story about family, first love and choices. A beautiful, heartbreaking, astonishing debut novel.


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