Nov 6, 2017

Fallen ( Fallen,#1)

lauren kate.

Publisher  Delacorte Press.
Publication Date: December 8,2009.
Genre: YA Fantasy|Romance.
Format|Pages: Hardcover|452.
 Source:  Goodreads|Library.


What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?

17-year-old Lucinda falls in love with a gorgeous, intelligent boy, Daniel, at her new school, the grim, foreboding Sword & Cross . . . only to find out that Daniel is a fallen angel, and that they have spent lifetimes finding and losing one another as good & evil forces plot to keep them apart.

Get ready to fall . . .


What a beautiful story.

You know by now that I love any books, that has to do with Angels. Besides Vampires, those are my favorite type of Paranormal stories. I have read few books through years about Angels. I heard, I read about Fallen angels, and who hasn’t? I haven’t read anything like what I read in FALLEN , an unique spin on angels, on a love story. I didn’t like how Daniel treated Luce in beginning, he gave me a bad vibe. Like Luce, I was confused why one minute he was sweet to her, and the next giving her the cold shoulder. I wondered if he had something against Luce, or if he was jealous of Cam since he seemed to be giving her so much attention. Once I found out reason behind Daniel’s odd behavior, and it all made sense. I can’t say that I don’t blame him. I am not sure how he kept going through it for as long as he had. If that’s not real love, then I don’t know what is.

Daniel and Luce had connection, even before I found out about their history. There was something between them. I saw how Daniel couldn’t seem to stay away from her, the two of them always ended up with each other. I did wonder why he kept on putting off kissing her, I knew that he wanted to, what was stopping him. I can’t imagine how relieved he might been when he finally gave in, and Luce was still there. Of course now Luce in danger. I think it’s romantic that the two of them always end up finding their way to one another, falling for each other every single time. I am Team Daniel all the way, even though I like Cam, or at least I liked at beginning. I know he was bit pushy, but at same time I thought it was sweet all attention her gave to Luce. I know that Cam cares about Luce, he might not love her like Daniel does but I know he cares, otherwise why would he agree on truce with him, in order to protect her? I know that there something there, even if neither of them would admit. Cam and Luce care for one another, or it could be just me.

My favorite from Luce friends was Penn, she helped her through so much. Penn always seemed to be there when Luce needed someone. I’m sad that things ended way they did for her. Mrs. Sophia, wow. Even I did not see that coming, I would never guessed that she wouldn’t be on their side, not the way she always acted around Luce, and Penn. I believe that there was a part of me that refused to accept that she is evil, I think I still am. Nobody saw it coming, not even Daniel who trusted her and why he sent her off with her. I can’t imagine how guilty he must felt. FALLEN was filled with so much suspense, each page had you craving for more. As you reach the end you will want to dive into next book right away. I was blown away by this book. I have read LAUREN KATE Teardrop Series and now I am in love with her writing even more. I am eager to dive into rest of the series.


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