Aug 14, 2017

The Vampire Wish (The Vampire Wish, #1)

The vampire wish.
Vampire Wish,#1
michelle madow.

Publisher  Dreamscape Publishing
Publication Date: June 1,2017.
Genre: YA  Fantasy|Romance.
Format|Pages:  Ebook|277.
 Source:  Goodreads|Bought.

He’s a vampire prince. She’s a human blood slave. They should be enemies… but uniting might be their only hope to prevent a supernatural war.

Annika never thought of herself as weak—until the day vampires murdered her parents and kidnapped her from our world to the hidden vampire kingdom of the Vale.

As a brand new blood slave, Annika must learn to survive her dangerous new circumstances… or face imminent death from the monstrous wolves prowling outside the Vale’s enchanted walls. But not all in the kingdom is as it appears, and when a handsome vampire disguised as a human steps into her life, Annika discovers that falling for the enemy is sometimes too tempting to resist.

Especially when becoming a vampire might be her only chance to gain the strength she needs to escape the Vale.


Another astonishing novel by MICHELLE MADOW .

I have been fan of Michelle ever since I read her first book REMEMBRANCE back in 2012 and I always looked forward to her books. When I heard that she is writing a vampire series, I knew that I had check out. I am big vampire fan and have read a lot books about vampires through years. THE VAMPIRE WISH was unlike any other vampire books that I have read in the past and that was one of the things that I loved about it, this book was unique. I couldn’t get enough of story, it was breathtaking. THE VAMPIRE WISH had so much going on, and there was not a single moment where you would want to put it down. Every page, every chapter had you wondering what would happen next in the book. I know that if it weren’t for work, I would ended up reading all day. I was curious to see if Annika would escape, if she would be turned to Vampire and what would happen between her and Jacen. I could not get enough of those characters.

I loved fact that the story was told from multiple point of view, it fit the story well. I feel that way we got to know each character better. My favorites were Annika and Jacen. I could tell that there were connection between two of them right a way. I can see why Jacen didn’t want to tell Annika who he was right away. I am pretty sure if he knew who he was, they wouldn’t kiss. I could see from the moment that the two of them, there was connection between the two of them. I was hoping that the two of them would be able to escape the Vale together. Everything in this book was magical, the descriptions were so vivid that I could imagine myself being in Vale along with everyone else. MICHELLE MADOW brought the magical world to life for me.

Like with her others book, I fell in love, with the characters, the story. Once I reached the ending, I wanted to pick up THE VAMPIRE PRINCE right away and see what happens next with everyone. It was magical.


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